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Bizarre Weather Patterns / Psychic & Medium Work

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Scott Stevens was a television weatherman for twenty years before being intrigued by the chemtrail phenomenon, and the potential that the planet's weather was being subjected to geoengineering. In the first half, he discussed the issue of chemtrails and what's behind this year's bizarre weather patterns, including the blistering heat in Europe. As evidence that weather manipulation is taking place, Stevens said he's observed unusual patterns in the clouds, which appeared as though some type of intelligent design created them, as well as rainfall that seemed to be deliberately subdued. Regarding the drying up of Lake Mead (reservoir that borders Nevada and Arizona), he suggested that during drought conditions, its watershed was not feasible for supplying the demand for nearby agriculture and the population.

The lack of summer thunderstorms has exacerbated the drought in parts of the US, including the Southern Plains, he suggested. High temps in the UK this summer have been centered around urban centers, which he associates with urbanization and increased amounts of pavement and cement, which add to the heat. In Arizona, the city of Tucson has tried to counterbalance that effect by creating more shade for pavement, homes, and roadways, he reported. Desalination technology really needs to be perfected, he remarked, as that would open up large water supplies in the western US. We could further aid planetary health by curbing deforestation and growing more hemp instead, he added.


In the latter half, psychic and medium Jennifer Wallens shared how she developed her abilities, along with details of some of her cases, readings, and encounters. She currently serves as a Chief Examiner for the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, helping to certify other potential psychics and mediums through testing and other methods. There has been a recent spate of scammers posing as well-known psychics by creating fake accounts on Facebook and Instagram and then contacting followers through DMs (direct messaging), trying to get money from them for doing readings, she warned. "A real psychic or medium would never DM someone to get them to do a reading," Wallens explained.

She recounted some of her unusual experiences as a contestant on "Battle of the Psychics," a TV series filmed in Ukraine in 2010-11. One of the bizarre competitions involved predicting who would win in a series of ostrich races- she used her animal communication skills to confer with one of the ostriches. In another contest, she was taken to a cemetery and asked to identify which buried coffin actually had a live person in it (she correctly ID'd the casket). Wallens talked about her work with the Route 66 Paranormal Investigation Team out of Arizona, and how in one investigation, she received visions of murders that took place in a small town called Grasshopper Junction. For tuning up or developing psychic skills, she recommended the app, ESP Trainer (created by Russell Targ). One can also reach out to their spirit guides for a reliable boost of energy or uplifting feeling, she noted. During the last hour, she offered readings for callers.

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