Mind Power / Mojave Desert Strangeness

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Mind Power / Mojave Desert Strangeness

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In the first half, occult thinker Mitch Horowitz returned to discuss his latest book, Daydream Believer, a radical new vision of the energies of the mind. He argues that just by wishing for something, you set in motion powerful forces. Reacting to a Harvard study in which patients got better when receiving just a placebo pill, he contemplated the transforming power of belief. "If we believe...that thought makes a concrete difference in your reality, not just in areas of wellness but in other parts of life as well, is that belief alone enough to enact those powers?" Repeating a wish to yourself may help bring about a breakthrough, he continued. While an advocate for "positive-mind philosophy," Horowitz commented that positive thinking doesn't always work for someone who is suffering.

When a person exerts themselves in a unique way or makes a constant and persistent effort-- mentally, physically, and emotionally, then something happens that goes beyond physicality and mere chance-- an unlocking of the psychical powers of thought that's analogous to a wishing machine, he suggested. In the hypnagogic state (just before drifting off to sleep) the mind can be particularly suggestible, so that is an excellent time to hold a thought of what you really want, he noted. Various rituals, prayers, and magick may help heighten the powers of the psyche, but do we need these outer symbols, or is the belief in the extra-physical abilities of the mind enough? Horowitz pondered. Such things as ESP, interdimensionality, and quantum mechanics offer evidence that the mind is an expansive tool at our disposal, he added.


In the latter half, expert on all things in the Mojave Desert, author M.L. Behrman shared true tales of unknown creatures, UFOs, ghosts, disappearances, and paranormal happenings from the great desert landscape. He specified two kinds of sightings-- what people see from the road, and when they've gone deeper into the wild (which tends to yield stranger occurrences). Speaking of a 1955 Palm Springs UFO sighting that involved accounts of a swirling cube in the sky, he uncovered a redacted Air Force report about the incident, which outlined various advanced technologies that sound similar to the recent US Navy UAP sightings (further details in his video).

The remoteness and harshness of the desert terrain contributes to the otherworldly quality of the area, he noted; plus, because there are so few people around, the military feels freer to test their clandestine equipment. Behrman detailed sightings of the "Demon Flyer," the Mojave's version of Mothman. A man in Death Valley described seeing a 5ft. tall leathery skinned red-eyed female winged creature that hissed at him before taking off into the air. He also received a report of a similar entity from a pair of photographers in the area. Additionally, Behrman delved into eerie cases of ghostly figures repeatedly seen on the road, and some of the strange things he's run across in the desert, like inexplicable footprints, and completely abandoned campsites with tents and other equipment left behind.

News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Mish Shedlock

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