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UFOs & Consciousness / Fallen Angels

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In the first half, investigative reporter and author Randall Fitzgerald discussed whether Earth itself is a sentient being projecting UFOs and other phenomena. At the heart of our ability to interact with alien beings, he explained, are mirror neurons: brain cells thought to be responsible for humans' ability to empathize with others. The communication potential they unleash, he went on, extends far beyond extraterrestrials to other paranormal entities— even to entire planets themselves. It's only through a holistic approach to the universe's all-encompassing sentient energy field that we can hope to tune in to the "global mind" connecting all things across dimensions.

In general, this concept is nothing new, said Fitzgerald. The ancient Tibetan Buddhist tulpas, for example, were a form of meditation focused on the physical incarnation of interconnected thoughts and feelings; Carl Jung's notion of alien beings as a projection of the collective unconscious supports the idea of tulpas as well. And scientific experiments like Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project attempt to measure the relationship between the mental concentration of large masses of people and seemingly random events—or even organized, large-scale disasters like 9/11.


In the latter half, Bible scholar and podcast host Scott Mitchell shared his ongoing research into why he believes aliens are actually fallen angels plotting a great deception to sow destruction and establish dominion on Earth. According to the Book of Revelation, he elaborated, the Antichrist will be a figure followed and worshipped by people around the world, despite differences in their religions, cultures, and political ideologies. Such a uniting figure doesn't exist among the human race, Mitchell argued—so he'll exist among the race of fallen angels in the form of alien visitors.

The plan to pose as aliens is far-reaching and goes back very far in time. Accounts of alien abductions and experiences, mistakenly understood as encounters with species from other planets, are actually better explained as fallen angels who don't want us to uncover their true agenda, he argued. Ultimately, Mitchell concluded, the genetic manipulation of humanity by the alien angels will result in a species of angel-human hybrids who will hasten and facilitate the arrival of the Antichrist. This mutation will be initiated through the taking of the mark of the beast described in Revelation, and will seal the fate of those people who are deceived into accepting it.

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