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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach  joined the show to address the human body's ability to achieve natural healing, along with the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from chronic conditions. As part of the dietary plan he recommends, Wallach discussed the advantages of avoiding foods like wheat, rye, oats, and processed meats. He also attributed a number of ailments—from excessive urination to hammertoe to atrial fibrillation—to osteoporosis of the skull, which he claimed afflicts about three-fourths of all adults over 50.

Wallach reassured a listener in California that it was fine for her to continue to get pedicures despite suffering from neuropathy, but said she could treat the underlying issue through proper diet and supplements. To a New York caller who had sustained multiple head injuries, Wallach also identified insufficient diet as a factor in his continuing health problems. When an Arizona listener told him of her husband's issues, which included vertigo, glaucoma, and stomach issues, Wallach was confident that osteoporosis of the skull was to blame.


In the second half, author and paranormal researcher Gare Allen discussed how law enforcement and other first responders have experienced their share of paranormal encounters— but have not always been willing to talk about their experiences. In the past, he explained, suspicion of those who admitted to contacts with the supernatural was prevalent; now, however, reports of paranormal activity are more common and accepted.

Several first responders and those close to them also called to share their accounts of the paranormal. David in Pennsylvania related what he called a "daydream," wherein a fellow officer discussed his own funeral. Shortly after the experience, he learned that the man had, in fact, died on that day. Ken, a paramedic in Maryland, described finding a deceased person on a call one night. When he looked up at a sheet that happened to be hanging nearby, he noticed that the perfect impression of a human hand seemed to be pressing through it. And Susan in Texas recalled her friend, a police officer who had predicted his own death in the line of duty by age 35. When his prediction came true, she said, she was left with his car—which honked its own horn, moved its windshield wipers, and shone its own headlights.

News segment guests: Dr. John Curtis, Catherine Austin Fitts

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