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Disinformation & Propaganda / Benefits of Psychic Energy

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Former Army chaplain Colonel David J. Giammona and investigative journalist Troy Anderson were the guests in the first half. They discussed what led them to write their new book The Military Guide to Disarming Deception, and their recommendations for navigating the the disinformation and propaganda they see as so prevalent today. Anderson explained that in 2021, he and Giammona asked themselves "What's the biggest story in the world? What's the biggest thing happening?" which, they realized, was that so many people were being deceived by false teachings and toxic ideologies. What makes deception in our current era especially dangerous is that technology, media, the "Deep State," and artificial intelligence are so sophisticated. Complacency in the face of such threats is a weakness that can exploited by these forces, they said.

For Giammona and Anderson, the most effective way to distinguish the difference between deception and the truth is to look to the Bible—and the approach should be modeled on military discipline and resolve. "My hope is in the Lord Jesus Christ," Giammona asserted. "It's not in a president, it's not in a world system." Doubting the teachings of Christianity has led to churches that have abandoned America's religious foundations; the result, he said, is a victory for the deceptive forces of socialism, liberalism, and "woke" ideologies.


In the latter half, psychic John Russell talked about the world of the paranormal, and how it makes itself evident to us. Popular interest in the realm of the unusual and supernatural has ebbed and flowed throughout history, he observed, with paranormal entities coming forward more prominently in difficult times like the present. Areas like Skinwalker Ranch are particular hotspots for encounters between the normal and the paranormal. The key to making sense of these interactions is to utilize the talents of high-quality psychics and investigators. The result, Russell argued, is better understanding of potentially frightening experiences and improved quality of life.

To a caller in Nevada who said she was constantly exposed to certain sequences of numbers, Russell advised that she research what the specific sequence could signify, and attempt to put them to positive use. He also assured a Washington listener that he would find the Dornier 328 airplane he was looking for, and that he'd enjoy many satisfying projects in the future. When a North Carolina caller asked what to do about his post-retirement, Russell pointed out that he had an innate talent for growing things, and should consider starting a plant nursery.

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