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In the first half, astrologer Susan Miller discussed the current state of the planets and stars, and how they're interacting with our own lives based on our signs of the zodiac. Big movements between planets—especially larger planets like Jupiter and Saturn—are especially consequential astrologically speaking, she continued, as are solar and lunar eclipses. In general, Miller stated, things here on Earth aren't as dire as they may seem, despite the news of inflation, war, and political and social strife. Jupiter is now in Aries, she went on, which should encourage entrepreneurship and business. In addition, the lunar eclipse ahead in November should sweep out a good part of the negativity we're experiencing.

When a Virgo calling from Georgia wondered where his recent spiritual exploration would take him, Miller said his connection to his emotions —typical for his sign— would lead him along his path, and advised him to focus on helping others. An Aquarius listening in Oregon asked about her upcoming move, prompting Miller to point to Uranus's upcoming visit in Taurus and the total lunar eclipse. "That could bring the apartment you're looking for very suddenly," she predicted. From Arizona, a Sagittarius expressed the "compassion fatigue" his job in health care brought during the pandemic. This fall would be an ideal time to change homes and seek new love opportunities and creative outlets, asserted Miller.


Adrian Gilbert, a researcher and writer on the subject of ancient mysteries, joined the show in the latter half. He laid out his belief that Egypt is the Holy Land mentioned in the Bible, citing the pre-Abrahamic period of the Israelites— who were enslaved in Egypt but also represented through leaders like Joseph and Moses there—as evidence of its significance. The Israelites themselves, in fact, saw themselves as inhabiting God's Holy Land as well, Gilbert went on: they believed that the Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis were living among them, in a kind of sanctuary of deities that conferred upon them a superior spiritual status. The influence of this Egyptian-Israelite culture can be seen on our own today, Gilbert argued.

Gilbert also shared other of his adventures researching ancient mysteries like the birth of Christ. While exploring a monument in Turkey built by King Antiochus, for example, he discovered inscriptions on a statue that he realized were a type of horoscope predicting the Christ's arrival. He proposed that the fabled "Star of Bethlehem" might have actually been an angelic entity. What we think of as UFOs, in fact, may be more similar to spiritual beings as opposed to visitors from physical planets.

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