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Tribute to Peter Pry / Channeled Wisdom

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In the first half, professor of history and author William Forstchen was featured in a tribute to the late Director of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security, Dr. Peter Pry. He discussed Pry's life and never-ending pursuit to protect our electric grid and infrastructure from an EMP attack. Forstchen said he met Pry around 20 years ago, and "I always referred to him as the godfather when it came to the issue of EMP." Pry was the principal author of the first major congressional study into the effects of EMP, and Forstchen looked at this work before writing his own book "One Second After," about what happens after an EMP attack hits the United States. Pry's death was especially heartbreaking, Forstchen commented, as he didn't get to see the US move forward on protecting the grid in his lifetime.

Pry had estimated that the US could start hardening its electric grid for around $2-3 billion, but at this point, Forstchen believes that with inflation and other factors, the cost would be about ten times that. In addition to an EMP attack such as by a nuclear weapon, we also have to be concerned about a second type of EMP-- a powerful solar flare that could destroy the grid, Forstchen noted. He added that we'll be entering a solar maximum in a couple of years with increasing solar storms. As part of the tribute, George presented an interview segment with Pry from the 6/23/21 show.


Often referred to as the Psychic Professor, Paul Selig experienced an awakening in 1987 that left him clairvoyant and able to channel guides from a higher level of consciousness. In the latter half, he shared the latest insights from his spirit guides, who have dictated a new book. The new work, he noted, deals with the idea of manifestation but from the perspective of lifting our consciousness "to become a receiver of source" and experience the god within us. The guides say this calls a whole new world into being. We can experience ourselves in the "Upper Room"-- a realm that co-exists with us, but at an "octave" higher, Selig explained.

While his guides don't typically make predictions, about seven years ago, they said that everything that had been buried was about to surface, and that it's necessary for people to see what had been hidden in order to transform and change things. Selig considers his guides to be eternal beings rather than spirits who once existed in human form, and they usually speak to him using the pronoun "we." He said the channeling experience for him is an arduous physical endeavor with the voices coming through at a rapid clip, and his eyes reportedly change color during the sessions. Selig took calls from listeners and offered readings about directions in their lives.

During the last half-hour, an interview with astronomer Seth Shostak from 2/5/20 on the search for ET life was played.

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Kevin Randle

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