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Insights & Alien Messages / Open Lines

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In the first half, psychic medium Vincent Genna joined Connie Willis (info) to discuss the latest messages he received from the "Alien Counsel" that he's in contact with—and their purpose in coming here. Genna said that many years ago, after becoming a psychic medium, he heard a voice one day say "We want to talk with you." As he spoke with this entity, it told him that it belonged to an intergalactic council of spirited beings. Genna then realized that he had encountered another such being in the past, when a spirit had given him guidance about his health. The entity went on to tell him that the council of aliens was about to make itself known to the people of Earth, and they needed Genna to speak for them by explaining who they were and why they were here. He was chosen for this task, he explained, because the aliens knew that his intentions were pure.

Genna called his type of contact with ETs "close encounters of the psychic kind" since they occurred within his consciousness and not in a physical form. Among the insights the aliens shared with him, he claimed, was that they use magnets to propel their spacecraft as opposed to fuel. They also informed him that all humans on Earth today are part neanderthal, thanks to our genetic splicing by aliens, who believed we were taking too long to evolve as a species naturally. Biologically speaking, Genna went on, we're very archaic as a species —"the bottom of the barrel" that needed the aliens' intervention to make progress.


During Open Lines in the latter half of the show, Jimmy called from Georgia to weigh in on the nature of Grey aliens. In his view, Jimmy said, Greys are deceivers and liars, kept at bay only by stronger forces of good such as angels. In Massachusetts, Cynthia pondered what she saw as the widespread dishonesty in society. "I don't know what to trust anymore, who to trust," she lamented.

Jim, a listener in Delaware, warned that President Biden had signed an order that makes the US dollar obsolete, bringing us "one step closer to the mark of the beast." Those who use cash in their financial transactions, he continued, are now being flagged by the government, which he called a "nanny state" out to control our personal lives.

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