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How to Make Peace with Money / Powerful Juju

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Money can be a source of fear, stress, and anger, often breaking apart relationships and even ruining lives. We tend to think money is simply a number or a piece of paper, but it is so much more than that. Ken Honda, bestselling author of self-development books joined guest host Lisa Garr (email) to reveal how to treat and make peace with money, and how the energy with which it is imbued can impact us and others. "Happy money is money that makes you smile when you receive it and gives you joy when you spend it," Honda said. People often think of money only in terms of a number, but money has energy and some of it makes you feel different, he continued. "Unhappy makes you feel irritated when you receive it and gives you frustration when you spend it," Honda added.

According to Honda, attitude is everything and worrying about money will cause stress and frustration that can end up being taken out on loved ones. He enumerated some differences between ideas about money in Japan and the United States. "I can shock American people by asking how much money [they] make," he noted, pointing out talk about salaries is not taboo in Japan. He revealed that Japanese women are almost always in charge of household finances, and men are given allowances. Honda also commented on the high cost of college in the United States, pointing out other industrialized countries have free college systems. "I think they have to start paying something when they are 30 years old — if they're making a lot of money, they have to start paying, and if they're not making much money, they don't have to pay anything," he said.


Najah Lightfoot practices magick and love rituals, and writes about ways to help others develop powerful spiritual and magickal practices. During the second half of the program, she discussed twelve goddesses and iconic women, from mythology and modern times, who offer both inspiration and protection against the most difficult aspects of life. "My path is dedicated to the goddess and to the divine feminine, and using magick to affect powerful change in your life," Lightfoot said, noting how her practices provide a path to empowerment and a way to get in touch with nature and the seasons. She explained how to bring in a new moon and set intentions, recommending a cleansing bath, lighting candles, making art, shopping, watching a movie, or anything that one feels called to do to welcome in new beginnings.

Lightfoot talked about one of the "goddesses" in her book, Doreen Valiente, who she described as the Mother Witch of modern witchcraft. "I call her a [goddess]... for the ability to give the power of brilliance and inspiration to women who have passed on," she noted, adding Valiente was inspirational for anyone on the path of witchcraft. Lightfoot also delved into the African American folk magick tradition Hoodoo, as well as 19th-century Voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau. "A lot of the work [Laveau] did helped people who were going to jail or had court cases," she revealed, pointing out folk magick is for the people. "Do it with faith and connected with your higher power... it can bring about good changes in your life," Lightfoot said.

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