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Political Climate / UFO Hotspots

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Dick Morris served as Bill Clinton's political consultant for twenty years. A regular political commentator on Fox News and other networks, he is the author of six New York Times bestsellers. In the first half, he offered commentary on the current political climate in the US as well as who the likely candidates will be in the upcoming US presidential election. He believes that Donald Trump (whom he is currently serving as an unpaid consultant for) will definitely run in 2024, and likely announce his candidacy after the midterm elections. Morris further contended that the Republicans would win both the House and the Senate in the midterms, and this will motivate the Democrats to discourage Biden from running for reelection. 

After infighting among various Democratic contenders, Hillary Clinton will be sought out to compete against Trump in 2024, but she will be defeated by him once again, Morris predicted. He does not see the various charges against Trump (such as the document scandal) as a significant impediment to his running for office. He suggested that Trump should focus on inflation as his main issue, as that more than crime or immigration, is affecting Americans every day. Morris also reminisced about his work with the Clintons going back to when Bill Clinton was the Governor of Arkansas, and how the modern political feuding between Democrats and Republicans started with the 1998 Clinton impeachment. 


In the latter half, ufologist and filmmaker Craig Campobasso discussed some of the most intriguing UFO cases and hotspots. One place with many UFO sightings is ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA. People see UFOs almost every night in the skywatch area, "and I saw several when I was there through night vision binoculars," he noted. At the site, participants telepathically connect with some of the light formations, which move in specific directions upon request, as well as "power up" with bright lights and colors, Campobasso reported. Nearby Mount Adams also has mysterious lights similar to the Marfa Lights, he added, and spaceships have been seen going into and out of the mountain.

He detailed anomalous activity at the Bradshaw Ranch near Sedona, AZ. The site has been described as a portal for different entities and creatures, and a craft reportedly landed there in broad daylight. Grey aliens were observed running around the property, and on another occasion, the Bradshaw's dogs were ferociously barking at an invisible force that seemed to be the source of an awful-sounding hissing. He recounted lore of the alien Valiant Thor, who was said to visit Earth in the 1950s, and allegedly stayed in an underground apartment in the Pentagon. Campobasso also touched on such cases as Shag Harbour, Aurora, Texas, Travis Walton, Pascagoula, and Lonnie Zamora. During the last half-hour, George played an interview segment with legendary paranormal author and investigator Brad Steiger.

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