Heart Consciousness / Telepathy & Precognition

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Heart Consciousness / Telepathy & Precognition

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Interventional cardiologist Dr. Christopher Davis trained at the prestigious Johns Hopkins/Sinai Hospital for his Internal Medicine residency. In the first half, he discussed how the heart is intelligent and may have its own form of independent consciousness. The heart has a powerful magnetic field that emanates out three feet and perhaps further, he reported, and this has been detected on the SQUID quantum interference device. Davis recounted intriguing cases where people experienced new memories and visions after receiving a heart transplant. In one instance, the heart donor was a woman who'd been murdered, and the transplant patient received information that led to her killer.

He spoke about "emotion code" therapy that helps patients with chronic illnesses by using energetics to determine if they have subconscious trapped emotions, particularly in the heart. When you release these emotions, other healing modalities can be more effective, Davis stated. The HeartMath Institute has demonstrated how patients have improved after achieving "heart coherence" (a calm, balanced state), which further indicates the heart's intelligence, he continued. Breathwork can be a valuable and effective tool for balancing the nervous system, especially when combined with a focus on love, gratitude, and appreciation, he added.


Marty Rosenblatt has worked for 35 years in areas of high-energy physics using computational techniques. He is currently the President of the Applied Precognition Project (APP), which applies remote viewing to predict stock market trends and sporting event outcomes. In the latter half, he spoke about consciousness, telepathy, precognition, and other paranormal abilities. Telepathy is the ability to gather information from another person's mind, and can occur spontaneously, he cited, such as when someone knows when a loved one is ill, or has died. Psychokinesis was seemingly demonstrated by people such as Ted Owens (studied by Jeffrey Mishlove), who accurately predicted specific weather occurrences. Owens may have actually been causing events such as a very strange storm over San Francisco, Rosenblatt reported.

He also recalled experiments in which Ted Serios seemingly produced "thoughtographs" on Polaroid film. The concept of quantum entanglement (that particles cannot be described independently of each other) is behind such things as telepathy, associative remote viewing between yourself in the future and the past, and even in the spirit realm, he explained. Rosenblatt, who believes we are in the process of a "Consciousness Paradigm Shift," will be presenting a Zoom Webinar Conference, later this month, with guest speakers including Dean Radin and Lyn Buchanan, along with remote viewing training.

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