Astrological Predictions / Past Lives in Ancient Lands

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Astrological Predictions / Past Lives in Ancient Lands

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William Stickevers specializes in archetypal, financial, and geopolitical astrology. In the first half, he shared an astrological forecast, and talked about how the solar eclipse on October 25th will be a harbinger of unexpected developments and reversals. It's difficult to predict exactly how this might play out, he noted, adding that there are major planetary alignments that we have not seen since the Renaissance, leading to what he referred to as the "global reset." At this time, we're seeing the ramifications of massive debt and the over-centralization of finances and power, he continued.

He cited an 84-year-old cycle-- the "Fourth Turning," in which American systems eventually collapse under their own weight, "and this eclipse is actually going to put the pin in the bubble." He sees the effects of this cycle continuing through most of the 2020s, but by 2028-2029, we're going to experience a big boom and an exciting reconstruction period that will carry through the 2040s. Looking at the current geopolitical landscape in the framework of the coming eclipse and one that will follow two weeks later, Stickevers foresees surprising "Gray or Black Swan" events. In Russia, Putin may use tactical nukes against Ukraine because he feels pushed into a corner, and if this escalates into a WWIII, that would be a Black Swan event, he said. Stickevers also predicted the collapse of a "too big to fail" European bank this winter, and Joe Biden announcing around April 2023 that he won't run for a second term because of medical issues.


In the latter half, author and mind-body medicine expert Dr. Shelley Kaehr (view related photo) discussed her exploration of people's past life experiences from ancient locations such as Egypt, the Roman Empire, Lemuria, Atlantis, and even planets beyond Earth. Past life therapy, she explained, can be particularly useful in dealing with intractable issues and traumas that people haven't found relief from using other modalities. She takes her clients on a guided journey in which they walk through a doorway into a sacred space where they find an angel, guide, or deceased loved one. If they prefer, the guide can travel with them into their past lives and respond to questions, she detailed, and her clients sometimes choose to visit the in-between-lives state, which can provide answers.

The Utopian lost continent of Mu or Lemuria (said by Edgar Cayce to be the civilization that predated Atlantis) may have eventually merged with Atlantis, which had more advanced technology. The citizens of Atlantis misused their power which contributed to their destruction, she recounted, and "many people who are living today may be reincarnated Atlanteans," and are back on Earth trying to see if they can get it right this time. Kaehr described the alien incarnations of some of her clients-- beings who lived much longer than Earthlings, and lacked emotions. Sometimes humans have "soul contracts" in their current lives with extraterrestrials in order to help them, she revealed. An example of this was a woman who believed she was part of a breeding program and had three children with the aliens to help them survive on their home planet.

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