Super-Humanity / Marley Woods Anomalies

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Super-Humanity / Marley Woods Anomalies

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Jeffrey Kripal's vision for the future is to revive the suppressed dimension of the "superhumanities," which consist of rare but real altered states of knowledge. In the first half, he joined George Knapp to discuss the idea of the superhuman, which he believes is at the core of who and what the human species could be. The philosopher Nietzsche was one of the first to write about the concept of the 'superman' (Übermensch) and how humans are not fixed, and continue to evolve from a more primitive form. He was battling against the notion of nihilism-- that there is no meaning in life, Kripal explained, adding that Nietzche came up with the superman model, and a theory on the circular nature of time after having a mystical or ecstatic experience.

One aspect of the superhuman is magical practice and ways of thinking, which may be as old as humanity itself, he said. This is exemplified by the idea that what's happening inside us corresponds to something in the physical world. "In a magical universe, the god or divinity is... inside the human being. So the question really comes down to, where do these astonishing things come from-- is it coming from the human external god?" he pondered. Certain types of dreaming and precognition demonstrate that the mind exists outside of space-time in some way, Kripal continued. He also touched on enigmatic phenomena like UFOs and miracles, and how different narratives are spun around them, across cultures and time.


There is a mysterious UFO and paranormal hot spot in Missouri known as Marley Woods (a location much like Skinwalker Ranch). Researcher Thomas Ferrario has conducted numerous investigations at the site (along with the late Ted Phillips, who was one of the world's leading researchers of UFO trace cases). In the latter half, Ferrario offered his insights into the strange happenings there, including light balls, unseen forces, unknown creatures, animal mutilations, and more. He and Phillips concluded that at Marley Woods, which encompasses an area 2 miles east-west and 3 miles north-south, there are possibly two to three portals with objects going in and out of them.

They believed "there is an absolutely an intelligence out there," and Ferrario now suspects that the intelligence may be demonic or "trickster" in nature, and feed on the fear of the humans it interacts with. For instance, a rancher's horse was found exploded inside a barn, just a few minutes after the rancher had fed it. In studying the incident, there was no evidence that any explosives were used. The rancher was so upset he burned down the barn. For more on the Marley Woods anomalies, view this video and related images. Ferrario also talked about the Delphos, Kansas UFO case, where Phillips studied traces and artifacts. A white powdery substance in the soil sample burned one of the investigator's eyes, and caused numbness on a woman's leg for years after contact with it.


George Knapp shares recent items of interest, including articles about France's space agency hosting a conference on UAP, and Bigfoot sightings by Navajo Nation residents.

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