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Dorothy Kilgallen & JFK / Conjure & Folk Magic

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In the first half, investigative reporter Mark Shaw returned to talk about the life and death of celebrated journalist Dorothy Kilgallen and her investigation into the JFK assassination. Shaw noted that tonight was the 57th anniversary of Kilgallen's death, which authorities blamed on a drug overdose. Yet, he found suspicious details surrounding her death, such as her body being moved from the bathroom to the bedroom, and that she was wearing makeup even though she was going to bed. Shaw said he learned from a whistleblower that Dorothy had been in extreme danger after finding out about internal corruption at the Warren Commission, which was tasked with investigating the Kennedy assassination.

The whistleblower told him that the Warren Commission knew about the connection between Jack Ruby and organized crime, but they didn't care. Further, to protect themselves, LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover didn't want the Commission investigating anything other than Oswald, Shaw added. At the time of her death, Kilgallen had a book contract with Random House detailing her investigation of JFK's death, including revelations about Jack Ruby (whose trial she had attended in Dallas). On the day Kilgallen died, the FBI or some other agency raided her home and took out all of her documents on the JFK investigation and likely part of her manuscript for the Random House book, he further asserted. Mark Shaw will be back on C2C later this month for our annual JFK Assassination Special.


A veteran root worker and traditional conjure woman, Starr Casas, is one of the preeminent modern masters of this southern American style of folk magic. In the latter half, she discussed aspects of conjure divination, including throwing bones, as well as spiritual cleansing, working with herbs, and protection & healing rituals. One such ritual involves drawing prosperity into your home. She suggested washing your door inside and out with a little ammonia mixed with water, which clears blockages away. You can then light a small green candle and say Psalm 23 over it three times. Casas explained how she reads bones (typically chicken or possum bones) as a form of divination for clients. She includes some old teeth in the throw and analyzes the position that the objects land in. For instance, if all three teeth land near the person, that indicates they're having issues with gossip.

Casas said she also works with cards for divination but prefers to use ordinary playing cards rather than the Tarot deck. She is particularly interested in roots, plants, and herbs, which offer different qualities and strengths. For example, an oak tree is quite powerful, so if you can find an oak nut, carry it in your purse or wallet, and it can bring good luck and prosperity, she stated. Bushes with thorns have a protective quality, she continued, and she plants them along fences or up against her house. In regards to cleansing or clearings, she noted that if you are burning sage or palo santo, make sure you open a window, so the negative or old energy has a place to be let out.

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