Starr Casas

Starr Casas


Starr Casas is a old style Rootworker or Conjure Doctor as evidenced in her teachings and books. Casas decided not to add a title to her name but her clients gave her the name Mama Starr as an honor and a show of respect. Casas tries to live in a way where she honors her ancestors and the clients that come to her for help.

The term root doctor has a lot to do with the saying, "He will put the 'roots' on you," meaning you will be crossed up, jinxed, or hoodooed. Roots are also one of the main staples of a conjure doctor or any rootworker. Roots are often added to mojo bags, spiritual baths and washes. She has performed work in removing crossed conditions, setting conjure vigils, spiritual foot washing, jinx removing, money work, and honey jars.



Past Shows:

  • Conjure & Folk Magic

    Conjure woman Starr Casas discussed aspects of conjure divination and how it can be used to protect and take care of your family. Open Lines followed.More »
  • Practical Occultism/ Southern Conjuring

    Author Mitch Horowitz discussed what works with magic and the occult. Conjure woman Starr Casas shared rituals of Conjure and folk magic.More »

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