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Ancient Wisdom in Medicine / AI & Transhumanism

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In the first half, Dr. Stephen G. Post discussed RED (remembered experiences of death), Alzheimer's disease, and acts of love and kindness. He discussed the nature and treatment of Alzheimer's disease, including the positive results that love and kindness toward Alzheimer's patients can bring. Such an approach isn't new in caring for the sick, he maintained, but draws upon ancient wisdom that love heals.

Science has recently begun to embrace the phenomenon of near-death experience, said Post, citing the attention NDEs have been getting in professional literature and at conferences. Emerging evidence suggests that NDEs are often accompanied by RED: remembered experiences of death. Post finds this progress encouraging, he noted, because it lends empirical credibility to what amounts to spiritual wisdom that's been around for much of human history.


Author and researcher Patricia Cori was the guest in the second half. She warned of the dangers of advanced artificial intelligence, particularly its potential effect on individual freedom and autonomy. In the most dangerous scenario, she explained, the result would be transhumanism: widespread control of the human mind and body by programmable technology. Although she acknowledged that certain limited forms of AI have been beneficial for humanity, in Cori's view we have passed the tipping point between benefit and harm and are now in "runaway mode," heading toward an inevitable singularity where AI overrides human consciousness and natural human evolution. The perpetrators of these efforts include a clandestine alien race intent on destroying us, Big Pharma, governments, Bill Gates, world economic leaders, and the United Nations, she continued. And we don't have much time to act, argued Cori: the goal of those seeking to implement transhumanism is 2030.

Cori offered several examples of the runaway AI on the agenda. The implanting of microchips into human brains is in the works, she claimed, as well as body activity sensors that provide financial incentives. The chipping of our pets is a test run for using the technology as on people as well, which will result in widespread use of microchips being implanted into our own bodies. Pills and injected vaccinations that contain tiny DNA-controlling devices are also on the way, Cori warned.

Despite her fears, Cori expressed optimism that our species will ultimately rebel against this kind of encroachment on our humanity. The key, she asserted, is convincing others that the situation is dire enough to act.

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