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Near-Death Experiences / ET Communications

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In the first half, psychic lawyer Mark Anthony discussed near-death experiences from a number of perspectives. Throughout history, he observed, people across civilizations have reported the NDE phenomenon. 2022 has also been a very significant year for scientific research into NDEs and EMS (electromagnetic souls), Anthony went on. In Estonia this year, a surge in all five types of brain waves was recorded at the moment of a man's death. In another study, one in five survivors of a stopped heart reported lucid experiences suggesting NDEs.

Paranormal and mystical concepts can be found throughout literature, Anthony explained. In Plato's Republic, for example, the warrior Er describes the experience of leaving his body and returning. The story of Jacob's Ladder in the Jewish and Christian scriptures depicts the interconnectedness between the human and spiritual world and the possibility of spiritual ascendance and reincarnation. Even Charles Dickens, who himself came close to dying on many occasions, may have modeled Ebenezer Scrooge's encounters with various ghosts on his own NDEs.


In the latter half, writer and producer Alan Steinfeld talked about the next level of ET contact, which primarily involves multi-dimensionality. For Steinfeld, multi-dimensionality is simply the awareness that, along with everything else in the multiverse, we exist in a number of realms beyond our physical bodies. Connecting with other entities, whether they're ETs, spirits, or people in the afterlife, is a matter of acclimating ourselves to their particular vibrations, or consciousness frequencies. Our challenge as a species, Steinfeld added, is to raise the overall vibrational frequency of humanity in order to better communicate with other beings. "The universe and multiverse is teeming with life and intelligence trying to knock on our door, saying 'Wake up!'," he asserted. To apply our consciousness to this task, he said, we can choose methods that include quantum physics, remote viewing, meditation, and psychic ability.

Steinfeld also addressed more practical obstacles to developing humanity's relations with ETs. A major issue he pointed to was that too many powerful forces—government and corporate—have incentives to keep the truth about alien contact from the public. A citizen's movement to demand to know the truth is what's needed, argued Steinfeld, so we can realize our potential for greater consciousness as a planet.

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