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Mysterious Disappearances & UFOs / Prayers, Healings, & Entities

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Investigator David Paulides has focused his attention on compelling evidence that there is an unusual set of circumstances for many of the missing individuals that vanish in the wilderness. In the first half, he discussed his newest documentary (view trailer), demonstrating a link between UFOs and missing people. One connection involves the mysterious abduction and mutilation of animals. A witness from Washington state told him that he and a group of workers saw a UFO hover over an elk in a valley and then aerially lift it away. This was in an area where many animals suffer from chronic wasting disease (CWD). Subsequently, Paulides met with a group of Idaho hunters camping deep in the woods, in another area inundated by CWD. One of them saw a giant UFO hovering above the trees, and it turned out "that the location where this happened was just nine miles east from a case we covered in our first movie, the disappearance of DeOrr Kunz," he said. Further, just 14 miles north, another hunter mysteriously vanished 53 years earlier.

Another hunter Paulides interviewed, a man now in his 90s, described seeing a humanoid just as he was firing on some elk back in the 1970s. He found himself on their ship, where he saw the three elk almost frozen in motion. The humanoid told him that they regularly take animals, as well as things from the ocean. He was examined aboard the ship but then rejected-- he believes it was because he'd had a vasectomy. The witness described being dropped from above onto a hill near where he was hunting, which correlated with one of Paulides' findings in other cases-- when the missing are returned or found, they may have injuries from a fall and missing articles of clothing or shoes. Because these areas often have many cases of animals with CWD, Paulides speculated that the UFO occupants might be monitoring the environment. He also talked about the possibility of portals, and mentioned a case of a missing hiker at Mesa Verde National Park who was heard calling out for help several times in a specific area but could never be found, even with the help of search and rescue dogs.


A channeling medium and healer from England, Christopher Macklin, utilizes healing techniques cultivated through communications with the spirit world and ETs. In the latter half, he talked about different entities and forces, in addition to prayer and healing approaches. He also shared his contention that artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and transhumanism are being used to monitor, alter, and manipulate humans. He advocated for legislation to stop these techniques from going too far. It's important to step back from this matrix and get back to nature, he commented.

He described his Global Enlightenment Project as a way for individuals to take their power back and counter what he characterized as a 'Reptilian' element (Anunnaki/Luciferians/Draconians) on the planet who seek to control humanity. Macklin further detailed plans for a "pyramid project" to be positioned on 100,000 acres-- the huge pyramids will be brought here by the Arcturians, a benevolent alien species, he claimed, and will function to wipe out the Reptilian energy. According to Macklin, many people's ailments and psychological problems are due to attachments of negative beings or energies. He shared a prayer to protect people from external forces and frequencies: "I am of God. I ground myself to the Earth. I command you, God, to create 27 Esoteric Merkaba Fields around protect me from any negative entities, fractals thereof, manipulations and transmissions of frequencies that are not for my highest good."

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