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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed the human body's ability to achieve natural healing, along with the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from chronic conditions. He recently investigated the cause of what killed actor Bruce Lee some 50 years ago (a recent news report suggested it was from drinking too much water). According to Wallach, who studied Lee's diet, he likely damaged his intestines from eating too much gluten in his diet, and this took a toll on his immune system and blood marrow.

He also shared his conclusion that many people suffer from osteoporosis of the skull but it is typically not properly diagnosed by doctors. This is further explored in his book, It's All in Your Head. To a caller diagnosed with too much calcium in her blood, he suggested this was an indicator that she was actually calcium deficient and her parathyroid glands were pulling a lot of calcium out of the bones. Doctors misinterpret this as the patient consuming too much calcium in their diet, or over-supplementing with it, he continued. For more, check out his free weekly Ask Doc Live show on Zoom.


In the latter half, psychotherapist, angel channel, healer, and teacher Corin Grillo discussed how a mighty team of angels always has your back, and ways we can use angel magic to build wealth. She advised people to shed any shame or feelings of unworthiness when asking angels for financial help. We all have a right to have our needs met, and there's no difference between shelter, food, and money, as far as spirit is concerned, she noted, adding that "our spirit team doesn't judge us." Different angels have their specialties when it comes to reaching out for help for your specific issues, she continued, and we can think of them as messengers who bridge the gap between the human and the divine.

Angels can help people with a variety of miracles, including health, emotions, income, and love, as well as making us aware of our life purpose, she said. We are held back by our belief system, but to bring angel magic into our lives, she suggested that we only need an open mind, a desire to be helped, and a commitment to a practice (Grillo offers a Free 7 Day Miracle Challenge). She also spoke about a banishing ritual that helps protect individuals from dark energies and open up their space for good things to come through. It involves invoking the four cardinal directions and having an archangel stand in each quarter. During the last hour, in consultation with her angelic guides, she offered readings for callers.

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