Paranormal Christmas Eve

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Paranormal Christmas Eve

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In this edition of "Connie Claus's" Christmas Eve show, guest host Connie Willis (info) welcomed author Richard D. Lewis. Known as the "Paranormal Christian," Lewis discussed the true meaning of Christmas by connecting the dots with the paranormal in with the Bible, prophecy, and the birth of Jesus. He explained that although Christmas is known as the celebration of the Christ's birth, the prophecies of the Old Testament foresaw its significance hundreds of years before the event in some cases. Lewis also reviewed the nativity story as depicted in the New Testament book of Matthew, pointing out that even the gifts brought by the Magi were prophetic in nature.

Calling from Iowa, John asked Lewis whether Jesus couldn't be thought of as a kind of "alien of all aliens"—a strange figure who came from another world, was born of a virgin, who rose from the dead, and so on. While Richard agreed that some of Christ's story seem similar to hybridization stories, he wasn't convinced that Jesus was an extraterrestrial in the sense that many Coast listeners would imagine.

Noting that upon calling for help from Jesus, many alien abductees are reportedly returned by their captors, Don in New York offered his theory as to why. The aliens realize that ultimately, humankind is Christ's property, and know better than to challenge his authority. Lewis was receptive, saying such a confrontation could be a matter of "My daddy is bigger than your daddy" when it came to who aliens would listen to.

Citing the book of Hebrews, Brother Don in Ohio claimed that the Christian faith supports the idea of extraterrestrial worlds. Lewis agreed that such scriptures do lend legitimacy to the idea of paranormal phenomenon, and that it's possible that science will someday affirm this notion.

The show concluded with a reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by frequent Coast guest Lionel Fanthorpe.

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