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Power of Gratitude / Open Lines

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In the first half, Joseph Gallenberger, a clinical psychologist with a deep interest in psychokinesis, the phenomenon of affecting matter with one's own mental energy. He discussed manifesting this power through his signature practice, called "liquid luck," which involves meditation focusing on gratitude, compassion, and happiness. Fueling the success of liquid luck, he went on, is positive energy. Gallenberger claimed that adherents to the practice have extraordinary good luck in the form of winning prizes and casino games, and other benefits like the ability to power a light bulb and grow a seed on one's hand.

Gallenberger cited focused gratitude, which he defined as an opening of the heart that allows us to truly appreciate the reality around us, as one particularly powerful force in fostering fulfillment and happiness. In addition to the emotional and psychological comfort gratitude brings, he went on, real neurophysiological changes like enhanced lifespan and better overall health have been enjoyed by those who include gratitude in their practice. A meta-analyses carried out on the practice of gratitude, Gallenberger claimed, confirms that its benefits are unmistakeable, measurable, and uncanny.


Callers to the Open Lines in the latter half included "UFO Phil," who's behind some of C2C's favorite paranormal-themed music. He reported that in addition to releasing a new song, he's working on an app that can tell the user whether a light in the sky is an alien craft or just Santa Claus in his sleigh.

Diane in Washington told the heartbreaking story of a friend of hers who was the victim of constant beatings by her husband. Desperate to escape, Diane tearfully went on, the woman walked a mile, her baby in her arms, before being picked up by a passing trucker. By coordinating with other truckers on the road that night, the man was able to pass the woman and her child from truck to truck, ultimately delivering them to Diane's home in time for Christmas.

Calling from North Carolina, Walter related his days as a radio station manager in Florida, when he would do the Christmas Day broadcast each year. As part of the show, he would ask children to call the station to tell him on the air what they had gotten as Christmas gifts. To this day, he said, people in that broadcast area recall with fondness their experience of calling the show with their "Christmas report."

News segment guests: Cal Orey / Kevin Randle / Connie Willis

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