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In the first half, business consultant and financial writer George Ure discussed a variety of topics, including his forecast for 2023, personal finances and cryptocurrency, time travel experiments, and planned obsolescence. Economic prospects for the new year don't look good, he said, as he believes the geopolitical situation will worsen, and the powers-that-be may use war as a pretext for a global financial reset. Ure was critical of cryptocurrency and compared it to a Ponzi scheme, though he conceded there might be some value to the blockchain technology that underpins it.

He commented on the ongoing problem of planned obsolescence with various products, which seemed to be designed to break down within a few years so that the company can sell replacements. We need to develop an economy that is not simply based on making money but rather making quality items, he suggested. Ure shared the details of his recent time travel and levitation experiments using audio techniques such as drum loops, as well as recreating a sound that pilot Bruce Gernon heard, during his strange experience flying into the Bermuda Triangle. Ure also touched on death, dreams, reincarnation, and prayer.


A graduate of U.C. Berkeley, Craig Weiler is the science editor of Paranormal Daily News. In the latter half, he talked about parapsychology, and the scientific research and evidence for various phenomena. Parapsychology, which includes such abilities as telepathy, has been studied for some 150 years, he reported, with new and fresh experiments being conducted to build on the data. According to Weiler, one of the best parapsychologists is Daryl Bem, who published a study on precognition in a reputable journal in 2011 that passed muster in the world of academia, and the findings were replicated.

Weiler recounted the 2013 Ted Talk controversy over researchers Rupert Sheldrake and Graham Hancock, whose talks were removed from the Ted Talks' site because skeptics disavowed their work. Sheldrake, he noted, has found evidence that certain dogs have a psychic sense, and can anticipate when their owner is heading home. Weiler also described some of the experiments of Dr. Bill Bengston, who found healing effects could be transferred to a specific location, even after the psychic healers had left the area. Another curious finding Weiler mentioned is that when the center of the galaxy is overhead in the sky, people seem to have higher psychic abilities. For those interested in an informal assessment of their PSI abilities, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) offers an online test.

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