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Proof of the Afterlife

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Paranormal researcher and author Steph Young has studied physical mediumship, both past and present, and even entered a development circle in order to become a medium herself. She joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss physical mediumship and share mind-blowing accounts of fully-materialized spirits, feeling the physical touch from someone on the Other Side, and spirits taking over her body, all of which prove to her that the dead don't really die. "It is impossible to believe, and that's the reason, actually, that I joined a development circle to try and get some personal experience for myself," Young said, explaining that a development circle is essentially a class hosted by mediums where attendees develop their own mediumistic abilities and communicate with the dead.

She detailed her experience with a spirit doctor who performed spirit surgery via a medium to remedy a long-standing medical condition. Young recalled feeling a sharp pain and seeing a disembodied hand with boney fingers reaching inside of her. "[The medium's] hands were nowhere near the part of my body where I could feel this sensation, and it felt like a scalpel," she recalled. According to Young, she received remarkable test results after the spirit surgery.

Young revealed what it feels like when a spirit takes over a medium's body. "You go into a sort of trance... you can actually feel your body changing as the spirit enters your body," she reported, noting during such experiences, the medium's body will no longer feel like it belongs to them, and even their speech will change. Dramatic transformations which alter the physical appearance of a medium's face and body can occur as well. Young compared the physical transformations to "plastic being molded," and claimed photos exist which show these sensational metamorphoses.

Young also shared the account of a British physical medium from the 19th century who spent several years devising experiments to get spirits to materialize. He described how the spirits would rise up from the floor like a mist and solidify into what appeared to be physical bodies that could walk around and talk, she disclosed. According to his accounts, this medium could touch the manifested spirit bodies and they felt warm, Young added.

The Nazi Conspiracy

In the first hour, author Brad Meltzer reported on a little-known true story of a secret Nazi plot to kill the leaders of the Allied powers at the height of WWII. In 1943, as the war against Nazi Germany raged abroad, President Franklin D. Roosevelt had a critical goal: an in-person meeting with Russian Premier Joseph Stalin and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The meeting, code named Eureka, took place in Tehran, Iran, and was the first time the Allied leaders met face-to-face, Meltzer explained. When the Nazis found out about the meeting, they devised a secret plan to assassinate the leaders, he added. The Secret Service was so concerned for the welfare of the U.S. president they sent a decoy to the public motorcade, while "the real FDR was ducked down in the back of a dusty sedan chasing a jeep through the back streets across town," Meltzer revealed, noting there was genuine concern the Nazis were going to kill him.

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