Steph Young

Steph Young


Steph Young is an independent researcher addicted to researching all paranormal, supernatural, esoteric & enigmatic mysteries. With a BA in Business, she taught English at Language Colleges. Each book she writes seems to lead her to further questions and searches for answers as the mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the unknown. Having kept a very low profile until recently, as she researches the areas of the unexplained, Steph is now disclosing her real identity & breaking her cover.



Past Shows:

  • Proof of the Afterlife

    Researcher Steph Young discussed physical mediumship and mind-blowing accounts of fully-materialized spirits. In the first hour, author Brad Meltzer talked about a secret Nazi plot to kill Franklin D. Roosevelt, Joseph Stalin, and Winston Churchill at the height of WWII.More »
  • Predators in the Woods/ Open Lines

    Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researcher Steph Young who discussed unexplained disappearances of people. This was followed by Open Lines.More »
  • Forest Predator / The Unexplained

    In the first half, Dave Schrader (email) welcomed paranormal researcher Steph Young, who discussed a strange and highly unusual predator that is living in the woods and forests all across the world and is able to overpower someone in an instant. Followed by writer Roy Bainton...More »

Last Night

Alien Contact & Disclosure / Career of George Raft
Alien Contact & Disclosure / Career of George Raft
Prof. Bruce Solheim discussed disclosure and his communications with the alien 'Anzar.' Followed by film historian Stone Wallace on the career of actor George Raft.


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