Earth's Shifting Core / The Dystopian Age

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Earth's Shifting Core / The Dystopian Age

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In the first half, Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, dubbed the "maverick geophysicist," discussed the recent news about the Earth shifting its core, as well as other geological and space topics. The people who have reported on changes to Earth's inner core may not be able to evaluate the meaning of the data, he commented. The core, about 1/3 of the Earth's mass, maintains a temperature of around 6,000 degrees, he said. According to his research, the Earth's core is made up of enstatite chondrites, as found in meteorites.

One popular theory is that there are convection motions in the core that are twisted by planetary rotation, which amplify the magnetic field. However, Herndon determined that convection is impossible inside a liquid core. As to what is causing the Earth's geomagnetic field, Herndon concluded that the planet has its own kind of nuclear reactor at its center. Speaking of stars and galaxies, he has concluded that the mysterious dark matter that has baffled scientists is composed of "stars that had not yet been ignited because they had no fissionable elements." For more, view accompanying graphics he shared with us. 


In the latter half, C2C's investigative reporter Cheryll Jones presented her conversation with filmmaker Frank Jacob, who warned that we are on the verge of a dystopian age with an impending movement toward transhumanism. According to Jacob, many are unaware of the dangerous erosion of our privacy and freedoms. He told Cheryll that a planned Central Bank digital currency will be tied to citizens' biometric IDs, and that all transactions will be trackable. He cited China's social credit system, where people's choices and purchases are tracked via sensors, as a method that could be enforced elsewhere. This might involve getting the populace to comply with government demands, such as using less gas in their car.

The idea behind transhumanism, espoused by such people as Ray Kurzweil, is that the human genome is limited, and we should take an evolutionary leap from carbon-based beings into silicon ones. "They're feverishly trying to find a way to actually download our brain," and they don't believe in the idea of a soul and extended consciousness, Jacob continued. He also touched on the ideas of Prof. Yuvel Harari on how we've reached the era in which humans can be surveilled from inside their bloodstream and injected with nanoscale elements. Jacobs contends that we are at the crossroads between two different timelines, and to avoid falling into the transhumanist/AI one, we must realize that we are sentient beings and have powerful abilities to avert this destiny.

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