Education & Drug Reform / Animal Reincarnation

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Education & Drug Reform / Animal Reincarnation

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James P. Gray has been a trial judge in Orange County, California since 1983 and was the 2012 Libertarian candidate for Vice President. In the first half, he shared his thoughts about the generation ahead, as well as US prisons, school choice, and drug reform. He considers education to be the most important issue facing America today. "We have too many public schools failing our children," and this particularly affects lower economic areas, he commented. In his new book, a novel called 2030 Kids, parents team up to make the public education system more fun and challenging for their children. Gray advocates for school choice, and argues that parents are in the best position to decide what type of education would be most appropriate for their child.

He suggested that certain drugs like marijuana should be regulated like alcohol, while harder or more mind-altering substances might be best controlled or prescribed by the medical profession, who could provide education and warnings. The crisis with deadly doses of fentanyl (often mixed in with other illicit substances) is caused by drug prohibition, he added, because we have no quality control. Regarding prisons, he believes the US over incarcerates. Many prisoners could safely be put on probation, and the Bureau of Prisons needs to be reevaluated, Gray continued. On the subject of disaster relief, he said, "I would do away with FEMA...and just have private contracts with the Red Cross...they would do a far better job than government."


Coryelle Kramer has been connecting and speaking with animals since she was a child. In the latter half, she revealed that many departed animals are relaying that they are returning to their people in this lifetime. In their new incarnations, they intend to come back with healthier bodies and psyches, as they have worked through karmic issues, Kramer explained. She estimates that some 35-45% of animals choose to reincarnate. It's not a copycat animal that comes back, she clarified-- they often have new traits in addition to the similar ones that a pet owner would recognize.

Kramer said there are seven different personality archetypes that animals tend to have. The newest one she discovered is the visionary/oracle which is connected to the mystical third eye and sixth chakra (the other six personalities are described in this show recap from December 2021). Kramer also communicates with wild animals such as hawks, cougars, and bears, and they express themselves differently than domesticated pets. It's almost like a different language, she detailed, with the wild animals seeming freer and much less concerned about humans. During the last hour, she offered insights for callers on their current and deceased pets.

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