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Achieving Happiness / Trance Channeling

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Marc Schulz is the associate director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development and the Sue Kardas PhD 1971 Chair in Psychology at Bryn Mawr College. In the first half, he discussed the longest scientific study of happiness, and what has been scientifically shown to make for a happy and fulfilling life. The criteria for happiness include how frequently we experience joy and other positive emotions, as well as a longer standing sense of satisfaction and meaning in our lives, he detailed. The Harvard Study of Adult Development has been investigating human lives for over 80 years, and has followed 724 participants for all these decades. One of the key findings is that the connections and relationships you have with other people is an essential factor in happiness.

Schulz revealed that longevity is related to the quality of a person's relationships, and this may be a stronger predictor than such things as cholesterol level or income status. The absence of deeper connections tends to weaken health, he explained. We can cultivate happiness by engaging in life, he said, especially through our connections with family and friends. This contributes to the sense that we're aligned with something bigger than ourselves, and the positive emotions that come with that (though we're still susceptible to loss and sorrow), he noted. As to what drives our happiness, there is evidence that genes might shape about 50% of this feeling, 10% on living circumstances, and the remaining 40% on our daily actions and choices.


A former heavy metal musician, NYC-born Riz Mirza is a master trance channel, shaman, author, mystic, international sacred sites tour guide, speaker, and psychic medium. In the latter half, he described his channeling process and the guides he channels, such as Red Eagle, at his weekly in-person gatherings in Los Angeles called the Circle of Light. Channeling could be defined as the energy of a spirit guide flowing through a person. As a trance channeler, Mirza said he allows various spirit guides to take over his body while he goes into a kind of sleep state. One of the guides, Red Eagle, is his primary message bearer, and acts as a gatekeeper for the other spiritual presences, Mirza explained.

The messages shared by the guides deal with understanding the present and how to interpret it, as well as how beliefs affect one's destiny, he continued. Mirza channeled one of his guides live on the air-- a man named Phineas Quimby, a clockmaker from the 19th century. Speaking in an accent, 'Phineas' answered questions from George about COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukraine war. Mirza, appearing later this month at the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, gave psychic readings to callers in the last hour.

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