Coryelle Kramer

Coryelle Kramer


Coryelle Kramer has been connecting and speaking with animals since she was a child. She is an expert Animal Communicator and energetic healer. Since launching her own business in 2000, she has helped clients across the United States and over 20 countries, including Australia, South Africa, and Japan. In her “dynamic” work, she addresses animal behavior, reveals potential health issues, and uses her own brand of powerful energetic healing.

She is passionate about showing people how to connect to their animals using her Dynamics techniques in order to take their relationships to an even deeper, more profound level. Coryelle is featured regularly on TV, radio shows, podcasts, and in print. She speaks and mentors on subjects including animal communication, and energetic healing, while continuing her one-on-one work with clients.


Past Shows:

  • Choice & Randomness / Animal Healing

    Professor Brian Klaas talked about how random and chance events can have a huge impact on our lives. Followed by animal communicator Coryelle Kramer on energy healing.More »
  • Education & Drug Reform / Animal Reincarnation

    Judge James P. Gray shared his thoughts on such topics as US prisons, school choice, and drug reform. Followed by animal communicator Coryelle Kramer on pet reincarnation.More »
  • Alternative Fuel / Animal Communication

    Ecological biologist David Blume shared the latest news on ethanol and alternative fuels. Followed by animal communicator Coryelle Kramer on her techniques and insights into our pets.More »
  • Search for ET Intelligence / Animal Personalities

    Senior astronomer at SETI, Seth Shostak spoke about his continued work in the search for ET intelligence. Followed by gifted animal communicator and healer Coryelle Kramer on the six archetypes of animals.More »

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