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Astrological Forecast / NDEs & Grief

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In the first half, astrologer Jeff Harman discussed the outlook for 2023 and the various energies that he believes will bring one of the most destructive and transformational times in the USA's history. He mentioned that he uses interrogation astrology (also called horary), a technique that provides answers based on the current circumstances of the heavens when a question is asked, as opposed to relying entirely on sun signs. He considers this form of astrology highly accurate, and noted that it was developed in ancient Egypt, Chaldea, Greece, and India. A Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occurred when the United States was forming, and now 240 years later, another such conjunction has recently taken place, ushering in a high-tech revolution, where we'll see AI and transhumanism forced upon us, he warned.

America also has a Pluto return, and a Neptune square Mars transit, both of which have had very negative consequences in the past with empires dissolving and markets crashing, he continued. "The United States as we know it is either not going to be here in two years or it's going to be the phoenix rising out of the ashes," Harman declared. In terms of politics, he suggested that because President Biden's inauguration was held at an inauspicious time astrologically, he will likely not finish his third year, and Kamala Harris may become president. Harman also talked about his involvement in remote viewing practices, and how the accuracy of targets are related to an individual viewer's astrology chart, as well as the general position of the Earth and the moon at the time of their viewing session. During the second hour, he gave readings for callers.


In the latter half, social worker and hypnotherapist Jacob Cooper spoke about his near-death experience (NDE) and the lessons he learned to empower his soul's purpose. He also shared how to deal with mental health issues and grief, and observations on past lives and the afterlife. Cooper was just three years old when he was suffocating as a result of whooping cough and underwent his NDE. During the experience, he saw a number of angels and spirit guides, and even though he was only three, he made the conscious decision to return to his life on Earth, after being shown a life review in which he helped a lot of people in his current incarnation.

The afterlife, he revealed, "is not something far away. It's in the doorways of our inner being. It's the core of who we are." Regarding grief, Cooper brought up the idea that people face it head on rather than pushing it away and that individuals may go through different stages around it. "You need to allow yourself to experience grief, not judge it...and at the end, there's a transformation from agony and pain to love and meaning," he detailed. He also recommended the practice of mindfulness, in which a person is neither the thinker nor their emotions but rather the "experiencer of life"-- the eternal observer of all things. This gives you a freedom, he explained. It's not the world that creates your mind; it's your mind that creates the world, he added.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Howard Bloom

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