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Search for ET Signals / The Miracle Mindset

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In the first half, senior astronomer at SETISeth Shostak, talked about his continued work in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, and new ways to make contact with ETs. SETI is broadening its horizons with a renewed attempt to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) in the search for signals, he announced. The technology of AI may prove helpful in detecting signals, and allow for a far deeper search of different areas, he said. SETI will also be making use of data from the Very Large Array composed of 27 antennas in central New Mexico. These efforts will result in an enormous increase in the amount of sky and radio spectrum covered by the program, he noted.

The SETI@home project, which took advantage of distributed computing power via people's screensavers on their home computers, ceased a few years back as it became difficult to maintain the funding, though it may return at some point in the future, Shostak reported. Early on, the main SETI program was funded by NASA for several million dollars per year, but in 1993 the budget was pulled by Congress, and has operated on private donations ever since. While Shostak believes it's very likely that extraterrestrial life exists, he doesn't think ETs have visited Earth as of yet. He is skeptical of military UAP reports of craft traveling at incredible speeds like the so-called 'Tic Tacs,' and suggested that these assessments were inaccurate because the distance of the aerial objects were not known.


A trained shaman and teacher of A Course in Miracles, Adam C. Hall has spent nearly three decades as a serial entrepreneur and CEO. In the latter half, he discussed miracles in the context of various wisdom teachings, and how we can open up our lives to transformative new ways of being. The majority of miracles have nothing to do with religion, he asserted. Instead, they have to do with our own inner presence, beliefs, and faith in something that is serving the greater good, he said. "Miracles are a shift in perception," Hall continued, and they can be as simple as moving away from an anger, hatred, or unforgiving stance into a place where you no longer want to be tethered to that story. A presence of heart, mind, and soul and being aligned with love and compassion helps cultivate the miraculous, he added.

Hall cited his personal circumstance as an example of a miracle. After his divorce, he no longer had contact with his daughters. Ultimately, prayer supported him, and by shifting from fear and loss to a strengthening of faith and love, his daughters returned to his life in a beautiful new way. To shift into the "miracle mind," he explained that the belief should be in serving the greater good, rather than in a self-serving mode. He has outlined various wisdom teachings in his new book, Miracles, such as finding your true purpose or most authentic self and freeing yourself from judgment. He also offers a free master class on the power of your new story.

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