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Quantum Healing / Open Lines

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After being struck by a car as a child, quantum healer Steve Noack had a near-death experience where he found himself in the presence of a being comprised solely of light. In the first half, he shared how this entity introduced him to the quantum field, where the thoughts and feelings of humanity are transmitted into the universe as part of a sort of cosmic blueprint. After a second accident later in his life, he again met the "light being," where he was assured that everything would be all right.

Following these experiences, Noack discovered that he possessed some unusual abilities. He had a heightened sense of empathy and understanding of the energy of the people around him, and, he said, he could administer healing to people in physical and spiritual pain. This is done through "action potential," which cleanses the cellular memory linked to the subject's subconscious. Noack described his role as being in a state of "zero-point energy," where he becomes his own energy field that connects to his subjects in order to clean out their neural pathways. As a result, the subject becomes a more authentic version of themselves, he continued.

Noack also talked about his encounters with the arcturians, interdimensional beings who told him about the galactic federation of lights and the divine council of nine, as well as human evolution's potential for expanded consciousness.


In the Open Lines that followed in the latter half, John in Wisconsin talked about his unexplained blindness, which began a few years ago. Although he's consulted with a number of doctors, he said, they can find nothing to explain why he went blind. John related that he actually views his condition as a blessing that got him out of a self-destructive lifestyle and as a way to help others.

Calling from Arizona, Joyce talked about a strange experience she had one night outside of her house. The solar panels on her roof suddenly began to glow, she recalled, which frightened her into running inside. The next day, she saw an oval-shaped cloud that appeared to be beaming a ray of light at those same rooftop panels. And Mike in Ohio posed an interesting question: with all the different types of cancer we hear about--lung, skin, pancreatic, and so on--why do we never hear about cancer of the heart?

The last half hour featured a recording of a show from 2019, when George talked to spiritual warrior Bill Bean about his experiences with battling demon possession.

News Segment guests: Robert Zimmerman / Kevin Randle

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