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Retired Postmaster Albert Barbato discussed how his long cross-country road trip spiritually attuned him and helped him remember past lives, and get out of his comfort zone. During his travels, he began to meditate and see the environment in a new way. He detailed his interest in ancient Roman gladiator reenactments and how some of the actions were oddly familiar to him. Through a hypnotic regression, he accessed one of his past lives as a man named Anton, who had been a gladiator in that era (Barbato said he'd previously interacted with Anton in dreams and meditations).

His most powerful meditative experience was at Dead Horse Point in Moab, Utah, where he saw the entire canyon as an alive being that was slowly breathing as though it was in a state in between waking and sleeping. On his travels, he has found Sedona, Arizona to be a particularly magical and beautiful place, where more synchronicities seem to occur. There, he worked with intuitive guide Suzanne Ross on numerous occasions. Barbato said he will be appearing at her upcoming Sedona Ascension Retreat - March 17-19 (George Noory will also host an event there). Barbato's mystical travels led him to start his personalized tour company-- Enlightened Road Adventure Tours LLC.


With a 30-year career in clinical trial research and medical publications, Pamela Nance has conducted over 100 paranormal and UFO investigations and presented her research to various groups, including the Rhine Research Center. In the latter half, she shared her paranormal encounters, including a near-death experience (NDE) and missing time. At age 33, her NDE led to her developing heightened abilities of healing and sensing vibration frequencies. During the experience, she interacted with the "tree of life," as she found herself at the top of a mountain range with amazing colors and surrounded by many different kinds of animals, including her deceased dog. After she recovered, she discovered that her physiology had changed, and she could see energy emitted from plants and her fingertips were sometimes charged with static electricity.

Nance recalled a number of UFO sightings and encounters throughout her life, including a missing time episode in 2015, where she collected evidence on audio and video equipment in her yard. She said voices came through speaking about their craft, and there was a curious "overlapping" of time, in which the electronic voice is heard telling Nance and her partner to step out of the craft, yet at the same time, Nance and her associate are heard under a tree conducting their investigation. She also touched on her work with dowsing, and how her paranormal abilities may relate to her genealogy and Rh-negative blood type.

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