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UAP Technology / Hauntings & the Paranormal

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Geopolitical analyst Brandon J. Weichert travels the country briefing the Defense Dept. and other groups on security issues. In the first half, he discussed his belief that most (if not all) of the UAP sightings are not from alien technology but, instead, likely from advanced, next-generation human military technology. There is a possibility that there is a degree of compartmentalization going on, where one part of the military doesn't know what the other is doing. For instance, the US Navy has registered various 'UFO' patents, some of which describe technology that looks and acts like the 'Tic Tac' objects the Navy first encountered in restricted airspace in 2004, he said. It's possible that some small group of the US govt. is testing highly exotic technology "on unsuspecting American military pilots" because they want to see how they'll respond to unorthodox or unconventional vehicles, Weichert explained.

After the first incident with the Chinese balloon spotted over the US, a number of other aerial objects have been shot down by the US military, such as an octagonal-shaped object over Lake Huron. He believes the Pentagon is using "balloons" as a cover story for all of the unidentified objects, as they want to deflect attention from the idea that there could be sophisticated technology belonging to rivals of the US floating over our airspace. Weichert, who pens an op-ed column for Asia Times, also offered commentary on such topics as the Russian-Ukraine war, China, and the US Space Force.


Loyd Auerbach, M.S., Director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, has investigated apparitions, hauntings, and poltergeists for over 40 years. In the latter half, he delved into his latest work, as well as shared his critique of the proliferation of paranormal reality shows and ghost-hunting groups. Many of these new investigative groups follow "TV protocol," he lamented-- this kind of methodology was developed by TV producers to be entertaining rather than pursue a scientific approach. Auerbach likes to work with witnesses who first report ghostly activity or anomalies, as sometimes the phenomena then follow and may be connected with them. He noted the difference between apparitions or interactive presences, and certain hauntings, where there seems to be an imprint or recording in the environment that sensitive people may pick up on.

Funding for legitimate parapsychology studies (which includes psychic phenomena, ESP, and survival after death) has shrunk in recent years, and fewer young people are entering the field because there is not much of an academic path built around it (Auerbach currently teaches online courses through the Rhine Center). He detailed a fascinating haunting at a house in Livermore, CA, where multiple family members saw a female apparition, as well as commented on NDEs and deathbed visitations. Auerbach also talked about his recent novels (co-written with Rich Hosek and Arnold Rudnick), in which his cases as a parapsychologist serve as inspiration for the main character.

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