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In the first half, Dr. Joel Wallach addressed the human body's ability to achieve natural healing, along with the benefits of remedies and supplements that aid in the body's recovery from chronic conditions. He cited a statistic that many professional athletes die at the average age of 56. Wallach suggested that they're not getting enough nutrients, as they sweat a lot of them out during exercise. They typically just hydrate with water and soft drinks rather than replenishing with supplementation, he continued. Regarding people that struggle with obesity, he believes this is often related to the condition of pica that is caused by a mineral deficiency.

To help with memory loss, he recommended eating three eggs (with soft yolks) twice daily. According to Wallach, cholesterol is an important component of the brain's white matter, and statin drugs that reduce cholesterol can interfere with that and bring on disorders like Alzheimer's. He also talked about his latest book, The Wallach Revolution, which documents his various discoveries that fly in the face of conventional medical approaches, and features contributions by Pat Boone and Danny Glover.


In the latter half, former Salem, Mass. police officer in charge of Special Operations, Chuck Bergman, discussed his work as a psychic and a medium. With his background in law enforcement, he has been able to use his psychic gifts to help locate victims and solve crimes. Though he discovered his psychic ability while working at the police station, he refrained from using it on cases until he retired. He detailed how several officers would come to him for readings with the agreement that he would not let anyone else know. When the Police Chief found out, he was concerned that Bergman was "hearing voices," but he was allowed to keep his job.

He recounted different cases and readings he's worked on over the years, including an incident that involved the spirit of the late singer Ray Charles (described in this previous recap). Working for a woman in Jacksonville, Florida, whose fiance had disappeared along with his car, Bergman and the woman searched in the woods where she thought he'd disappeared. Suddenly a voice came to him, and he told her: "Your fiance has been killed. His body is in North Carolina," along with his car. Two days later, the North Carolina police division called the woman, letting her know that a man had been arrested driving her fiance's car. It turned out to be a homeless man that her fiance had been helping out, and he had buried the fiance's body in NC. During the last hour, Bergman gave readings to callers, connecting with their deceased loved ones.

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