Unleashing Your Potential / Channeling Aralamb

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Unleashing Your Potential / Channeling Aralamb

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In the first half, executive fellow at Harvard Business School Matt Higgins shared a counterintuitive formula to unleash your potential and create a life of perpetual growth. His 'Burn the Boats' mandate is to forget your Plan B. The mere contemplation of a Plan B statistically reduces the probability Plan A will ever materialize, he said, because holding out for a second or less risky option causes energy leakage. He cited Ukraine's President Zelensky as an example of someone who practiced the 'Burn the Boats' approach when he signaled to the free world and to his own people that he was prepared to fight to the death and had no intention of fleeing. Trusting your instincts is crucial, Higgins noted, and we should leave behind what is holding us back.

When you are in the greatest moments of despair, like running a failing business, you should remember to "be an agent in your own rescue," he advised, and remain persistent in your efforts. Success sometimes involves having the confidence to abandon your bad ideas quickly and the humility to admit you were wrong in the first place, he pointed out. We can overcome our fear and anxiety and cross over to commitment, Higgins continued, adding that we should ask ourselves, "what would I be willing to do and give up and endure...and suffer to achieve my Plan A?" In Higgins' case, he said his motivation to achieve his goal is so strong that it outweighs the fear and anxieties.


Melissa Gates Perry is an intuitive channel who has worked with clients for 30+ years through her guide, Aralamb. In the latter half, she shared the wisdom she's learned about the human soul, the afterlife, past lives, and soul contracts. Aralamb, she explained, is her spirit guide, but has lived many previous incarnations as a human, and now specializes in communication. Everyone receives a spirit guide when they are born, Perry noted, and they could be thought of as social workers who stay with you from birth to death. Only about 27% of the population have some awareness of their spirit guide, she added.

Aralamb teaches that the soul is the vessel for everything that you've been and will be, and is the essence of you and your connection to God. Further, through continued incarnations and the lessons learned in them, the soul hangs on to positive abilities and gifts while negative traits drop away. Aralamb can look into the future and see various "possibility arcs" or timelines, she reported. While some of the arcs are filled with doom and destruction, she continued, the more that humanity wakes up to knowledge about their soul and the spiritual path, the less likely we will fall into the terrible timelines. Perry, who gave readings for callers in the last hour, revealed that according to Aralamb, many of the departed greats from radio keep tabs on George and Coast to Coast, and convey the "thumbs up" sign.

News segment guests: Steve Gregory, Howard Bloom, Mish Shedlock

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