Demographic Trends / Military UFO Encounters

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Demographic Trends / Military UFO Encounters

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Generational marketing expert Ken Gronbach looks into the future using the tool of demographics. In the first half, he discussed different trends he foresees for the US and the world. The world's population will continue to rise, reaching about 10 billion by 2050, but then it will begin to recede, he said. China, he noted, because of their earlier one-child-only policy, is facing a demographic crisis, and by 2060-2070 their population will be halved and on the older side. China's major issue right now is labor-- their multitude of factory workers toiling at lower wages is growing smaller, which will eventually bring manufacturing back to the US, he added.

In contrast to China, America's population is boosted by immigration and the Hispanic demographic, which continues to grow, he cited. In the oncoming years, he foresees the Latino population as increasing in political power and clout. The Democrats are gaining members at a higher rate than Republicans because conservatives are dying off, he reported. As more younger Americans come of age for the 2024 election, Democrats will have a 50 million voter advantage, Gronbach stated. Our government and culture are going to be liberal for at least the next 10-15 years, he believes.


For almost two decades, William Warwick IV has been researching his own personal UFO experiences and numerous sightings from Virginia and Arizona. In the latter half, he discussed his recent work exploring unexplained military encounters with UFOs. In particular, he focused on mysteries surrounding the March 13, 1997 Phoenix Lights case. He has concluded that the military dropped flares in the Arizona skies after the UFO was sighted. This may have been done as an emergency or "panic maneuver" rather than a diversion if the military craft was trying to intercept the triangular UFO, he postulated.

Just a couple of weeks later, there was the mysterious loss of Captain Craig Button, who allegedly broke formation on April 2, 1997, and crashed his plane into a mountain. The military ruled it as a suicide, but Warwick believes that might not have been the case. He suggested it could have been that Capt. Button and another pilot were involved in the flare drop/UFO intercept on the night of the Phoenix Lights, and Button may have been getting ready to come forward with the details. Warwick also shared his theory behind certain UFO sightings. "I think we're engaged with another species or civilization that probably lives under the ocean...and periodically, they're testing our military strength or capabilities," he said.

During the last half-hour, a replay from 2011 with author Brad Steiger discussing alien mysteries was featured. 

News segment guests: Christian Wilde, Kevin Randle

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