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Astrologer Mark Lerner wrote "Welcome to Planet Earth," which reached thousands of astrological students and professionals around the globe. In the first half, he discussed what planetary alignments are occurring in 2023, and how they might affect us and the world. Saturn recently entered Pisces (a water sign), and Neptune remains in Pisces, and this is perhaps reflected in California's inundation with rain and snow this year, he suggested. On October 28th, there will be a lunar eclipse this year, which falls on the day of the great 1929 stock market crash, so we should keep an eye out for this date or the day or two before and after, Lerner indicated.

Regarding the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he does not see Vladimir Putin backing down. Zelensky and Biden both have "Venusian" energy and want peace, but just tonight, the Moon is in Sagittarius and is crossing Putin's Mars-- and we saw Russia attack a US drone over the Black Sea, Lerner continued. As he made his show appearance, he said that the Moon and Venus are in a trine or triangular relationship within a fire sign, which has an auspicious or favorable quality. Every day there are astrological opportunities, he added, and next week just after the Spring Equinox, Pluto begins shifting into Aquarius, which kicks off a series of changes, highlighting team efforts and global causes. For more, check out Lerner's free GPS Astrology Magazine.


Photojournalist and TV news producer Tim Swartz has investigated various paranormal phenomena and unusual mysteries. In the latter half, he spoke about his latest work on the 'Others,' beings who "mimic" our appearance but are not human. Swartz said he first saw the term "mimics of man" in the writings of John Keel, who argued that such entities may co-exist on our planet, mingling among us, most likely in large cities, "where the eccentric and the odd may flourish unhindered." These 'Others' probably have been with us throughout recorded history, Swartz suggested, and have been called such things as gods, angels, demons, fairies, and more recently, extraterrestrials.

He cited an episode of when legendary remote viewer Ingo Swann (who'd previously remote viewed alien beings on the Moon) saw a beautiful woman at a grocery store, but when he got closer, he was struck by a feeling of terror with the knowledge that she was not human. The so-called "space brothers," said to be witnessed by early contactees like George Adamski, were also described as looking just like us and were able to infiltrate society, Swartz detailed. In cases of the Men in Black phenomenon, the MIB are sometimes described as having odd physical characteristics and robotic-like behaviors, he noted. Non-human mimics may have different agendas, he added, and sometimes interactions with them involve a kind of telepathic contact accompanied by extreme dread.

News segment guest: John M. Curtis

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