Mysteries of the Moon / Secret Bases & UFOs

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Mysteries of the Moon / Secret Bases & UFOs

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Metaphysical researcher Constance Victoria Briggs investigates the mysteries of the universe and how they connect to humanity. In the first half, she discussed the Moon's strange, enigmatic history, with a focus on ET presences and anomalies. Particularly mysterious are domed structures on the lunar surface, which astronauts have mentioned, she recounted. They appear to be lighted and could be a type of energy source, Briggs speculated. There are various theories as to how the Moon came to be-- it's possible that it was created outside of our galaxy or even the universe, she said, adding that the "spaceship moon" theory proposes that it's a hollowed-out sphere that was towed into place.

Briggs noted that the 'spaceship moon' theory gels with ancient Zulu lore about two alien brothers creating the Moon as a gigantic egg and placing it in Earth's vicinity, as well as the work of two Soviet scientists from the 1970s, who, after studying NASA materials, posited that the Moon is a kind of ark housing inter-generational ETs. The Moon may have had inhabitants there all along, she continued, given that there are structures there, such as domes and pyramids, as well as possible underground facilities. Accounts of strange lights seen on the Moon (today called "lunar transient phenomena") have been observed as far back as the 1600s when the telescope was created, and in the early days, it was just assumed that the Moon was inhabited, she cited. Some of these lights have been moving rather than stationary, and Briggs believes they may be spaceships or UFOs.


While researching his novels, military fiction writer Mack Maloney discovered numerous places worldwide similar to Area 51 near Las Vegas, Nevada. In the latter half, he updated his work on secret bases around the globe and their possible connection to UFOs. Among the bases he mentioned were:

  • S4 -- Bob Lazar said this base was located in the Nevada Desert about 40 miles southwest of Area 51, near Papoose Mountain. Though Lazar claimed crashed UFOs were kept there, according to Maloney's research, the whole thing was fabricated as part of a disinformation campaign to fool the Russians into focusing their satellites on S4, instead of elsewhere.
  • Tonopah Test Range -- Located outside Reno, Nevada, it has even higher security than Area 51. It's where the stealth fighter was flown secretly for ten years.
  • AUTEC – the Atlantic Undersea Test & Evaluation Center has been called the Navy's Area 51. It's where the Navy tests its new submarines and weapons, all very top-secret. Curiously, the base is located in the Bahamas, on the island of Andros, which happens to be right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.
  • McDill AFB, Tampa, Florida – Maloney heard reports of a Quonset hut-type building on the edge of the base that is under guard 24 hours a day. The building has a refrigeration unit inside, leading to rumors that alien bodies are stashed there.
  • RAF Bascombe Down – is located not far from Stonehenge in the UK. One night in September of 1994, something either fell out of the sky and crashed onto one of its runways or blew up taking off. Curiosity has built up about the secretive base ever since.
  • The M-Triangle -- Located in the Urals Mountains in western Russia, the place covers about 40 square miles of open fields and woodlands. For years it was off-limits to everyone but the KGB. People who venture inside claim to come out changed significantly, including being cured of terminal diseases, or becoming enlightened spiritually.
  • Kapustin Yar – is a highly secret base in southern Russia that could be considered a combination of Area 51 and Cape Canaveral. The facility has a long history of UFO activity, including a 1991 incident, when a UFO hovered for 30 minutes, and was subsequently studied by Lawrence Rockefeller.
  • Pine Gap – a listening station located in the center of Australia, it has been the site of dozens of UFO sightings over the years.

For more on Maloney's interest in this topic, check out his Military X-Files radio program/podcast.

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