Ancient Lunar Domes / Kenneth Arnold Sighting

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Ancient Lunar Domes / Kenneth Arnold Sighting

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Richard C. Hoagland is the principal investigator and founder of the Enterprise Mission, as well as the vision and the voice of The Other Side of Midnight. In the first half, he spoke about new "breakthrough" evidence for ancient lunar domes and other ruins from images returned by South Korea's unmanned moon mission, Danuri (view related materials). Now in orbit of the moon, the mission arrived in December 2022 and is "taking stunning images with a special onboard camera" and posting them on the Korean space agency website, he said. This "confirmed my assertion for decades that the moon is covered with ancient artificial structures," and is part of a tacit disclosure effort, he added.

The special device used by the Koreans, a wide-angle polarimetric camera, revealed a glowing ring around the moon that can't be seen by the naked eye. The camera, Hoagland continued, "basically illuminates all the background unpolarized light and makes the glass domes all over the moon stand out like the...proverbial solar thumb." An amazing ancient technology was used to put a series of tiered glass domes over the entire moon, some towering 50 miles above the lunar surface, he stated, "and we're now looking at the eroded remains in the only way that it really is visible...polarized light." He speculated that the ancient dome-creators may have helped shape life on Earth, and suggested that some of the Apollo astronauts' minds were altered upon their return so they would not recall the domes and anomalies they saw on the lunar surface.


Shanelle Schanz is the granddaughter of Kenneth Arnold. His sighting in June of 1947 began the modern UFO era. In the latter half, she recounted how her grandfather, a respected businessman and pilot, was searching Mt. Rainier out of Seattle for a crashed military C-46 plane. Instead, he witnessed something transcendent-- nine 'flying saucers' moving in formation at about 1,700 mph. Initially, he thought they were guided missiles, and as a pilot, he felt it was his duty to report what he saw on behalf of national security. He described them moving like saucers on water, which led to the coining of the popular term "flying saucers." Because he came forward with his story, he received international attention but also faced a lot of ridicule, she detailed.

He was inundated with some 200,000 letters from all around the world after the incident, Schanz marveled. Arnold befriended Ray Palmer, the editor and publisher of FATE magazine, and the two co-wrote "The Coming of the Saucers" (recently republished by Schanz). Palmer and Arnold concluded that flying saucers were dimensional and represented a spiritual connection between the living and the dead. Further, she shared that Arnold "believed that the entities that were in the spaceships ...were in his living room," and though they were invisible, he could see their indentations sitting on his furniture. For more, view related images Schanz sent us.

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