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Food Preparedness / Entities & UFOs

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Expert in self-reliance and backyard food production, Marjory Wildcraft believes hyperinflation is inevitable. In the first half, she offered tips on preparedness and growing your own food, when infrastructure cannot be relied upon. Supply chain and global food production issues could lead to famine conditions in certain areas, she suggested. This would mean there is not enough food available or it's too expensive for parts of the population to afford. She cited how one UK grocery chain is limiting customers to buying no more than two cucumbers and two tomatoes at one time, as there is a shortage of fresh produce. While the US is positioned better than most places in the world regarding food, she foresees the dollar collapsing, leading to hard times in the near future. We could be looking at food riots and unrest in the US, she added, with SNAP payments (food stamps) being reduced.

To prepare for food shortages or famine, she recommended buying ten 50lb. bags of rice and beans at stores like Costco or Sam's Club and then storing them in a cool, dry place in containers. "The calorie is going to be the new unit of currency," she declared. Wildcraft offers a webinar in how people can learn to grow or produce their own food. You can grow at least half of your food in an area just the size of three parking spaces, she continued. In her garden, Wildcraft cultivates green beans, squash, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce, and cabbage. She also recommends keeping hens in a backyard coop, which can produce around 1,600 eggs a year. People in apartments can grow such things as mushrooms and herbs, and explore innovative indoor growing systems, she noted.


Author Jeffrey Daugherty, former minister for the Assemblies of God Church, has expanded his paradigms beyond religious orthodoxy. In the latter half, he discussed a variety of topics, including the Mandela Effect, malevolent entities, and a crashed UFO in Mexico. According to Daugherty, a possible new instance of the Mandela Effect (where some aspect of reality appears changed from what we remember it) concerns a passage from the Bible (Numbers 11:12) that mentions "as a nursing father bearing a suckling child," which he never recalled, and he's read the Bible around 100 times. Regarding UFO visitations, he suggested that some cases may involve entities that hail not from the stars but from a Hollow Earth-type scenario or the mysterious Untersberg mountain that Hitler was said to be obsessed with.

Daugherty revealed information he received about an alleged UFO crash in Mexico (view related images). An expedition dug at the suspected site and reportedly unearthed a portion of a craft's metallic hull as well skeletal remains of two different types of beings, he said. Further, the team noticed a portal at the site, and saw entities on the other side. One of the beings allowed them to photograph him and was said to heal the injured foot of an expedition member. On the subject of the demonic, Daugherty said he's encountered a host of paranormal beings sometimes during exorcisms, but he does not consider all of them to be aggressively malevolent. "Most of what we face as demons...are actually the energetic emanations that we send out from us that are unbalanced," he remarked.

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