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Ancient Cataclysms & Flooding / Alien Revelations

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Master builder, geological explorer, and renegade scholar Randall Carlson has explored the interface between ancient mysteries and modern science for decades. In the first half, he shared his research into earth changes and catastrophic events. Carlson studied the effects of a cataclysmic meltdown of ice sheets across North America, finding evidence in giant boulders (view related photos). The boulder called the Wenatchee Erratic (image #4) was moved some 50 miles during a massive melt of the great Northern ice sheet, which contained many floating icebergs that carried along the boulders, he detailed. At the end of the floods, many of these icebergs were stranded, taking decades to completely melt, and leaving the boulders in their wake.

Most of North America and its river valleys have been shaped by these events, he said. Carlson has determined that this flooding took place at the end of the Pleistocene epoch, with two to three massive discharges between 11,600 and 14,600 years ago. Ice core evidence shows there was a huge spike in global warming 11,600 years ago, and a rapid pulse of sea level rise, which he tied into Plato's account of the demise of Atlantis, and the chronology surrounding that. Carlson believes that these cataclysmic cycles were triggered by "cosmic impacts," such as a comet's debris field striking our planet. There is evidence around the world, he said, of large swaths of Earth set on fire around 12,900 years ago.


In the latter half, Dr. Michael Salla, pioneer in the development of exopolitics, discussed such topics as whether the US has recovered alien spacecraft and bodies, the existence of a Galactic Federation, and an Army whistleblower's claims about an Inner Earth civilization. Contactees have spoken of a Galactic Federation for many years, but what changed was in 2020, Haim Eshed, the founder of Israel's space program, said the Federation was real. Further, Eshed asserted that President Trump was in contact with the Federation, and he wanted them to reveal themselves to the public, but they said humanity was not ready, Salla recounted. He also talked about how Congressman Tim Burchett recently went on the record to say the US has recovered alien spacecraft and bodies, and may be reverse engineering them.

A US Army whistleblower, "JP" (his identity is being kept anonymous), shared revelations with Salla, who said that he was being encouraged by his covert group to come forward. JP said he'd been taken off-planet to Jupiter's moon Ganymede, as part of a secret space program's convoy to meet with ETs who'd arrived in motherships. More recently, JP said he'd visited Inner Earth facilities and subterranean cities where he interacted with the "Ant People," who have been there for centuries or longer. Though they are humanoid, they have insectoid aspects, like eyes on the side of their heads, Salla detailed. According to JP, the Ant People have advanced technologies. Salla noted the similarity to Hopi lore about the Ant People, who were said to protect the Hopis in their underground civilization during catastrophic planetary changes.

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