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In the first half, author Whitley Strieber shared his new understanding of the close encounter experience, including the civilian and military sides, and why secrets are still being kept. Unlike most of his books, wherein he describes his own experiences with UFOs, Strieber explained that his new book explores the US government's stonewalling on the subject. He claimed that knowledge of extraterrestrial activity is extensive across the government—but official, public acknowledgment of it would be too embarrassing and risky. This is partly why, he added, that would-be whistleblowers are afraid to come forward. The son of the late general Nathan F. Twining told Strieber that his father had admitted to witnessing a live extraterrestrial being during the Roswell investigation, but never spoke about it, for example.

As evidence of his claims, Strieber pointed to an official culture where note-taking and information sharing are all but forbidden. "Every single piece of evidence" of extraterrestrial activity at Roswell from 1947 to 1952, for instance, has been illegally destroyed, he reported. Despite having information on the existence of aliens, he continued, astronaut Edgar Mitchell was very reluctant to go public with it. Among other presidents, Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter were also aware of major alien activity, said Strieber.

Strieber isn't optimistic about the government's willingness to change course any time soon. "They will continue to stonewall," he asserted. "There is not going to be a magic moment of disclosure, unless it is induced in some way from the outside."


Jeff in Massachusetts is extremely concerned about the normalization of Satanism. In the second half's Open Lines, he cited the Satanic Temple's recent SatanCon convention in Boston as part of a dangerous trend. The result, he fears, is the mainstreaming of Satanic values, leading to what he called the "ultimate Satanism": the takeover of communism in the United States.

Marcy in California called to talk about a man she knew who brushed his teeth with a colloidal silver solution. Doing so gave him "perfect teeth," to the shock of the man's dentist, she shared. Another California listener, Joe, explained why people who fear the outright slaughter of the human race by invading aliens are wrong. What's happening instead, he said, is that aliens have introduced to us the technology to create transhuman borgs, which will ensure that we eventually destroy ourselves.

In the show's last half hour, a segment from 2/12/18 was replayed featuring witchcraft expert Fiona Horne.

News segment guests: Cal Orey / Kevin Randle


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