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Intelligences & Multi-Dimensions / Spiritual Forces & Curses

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Spiritual coach and mentor Eesha Patel hosts the First Contact podcast. In the first half, she spoke about her work as a mentor and energetic healer, as well as multi-dimensionality and her experiences of connecting with non-human intelligences. She described working with various entrepreneurs to help them remove blockages that are holding them back, especially concerning money limitations. In explaining the concept of multi-dimensionality, Patel said she has encountered different aspects of her soul that exist in alternate realms across time, space, and dimensional frequencies, and these are distinct from her spirit guides. Among the selves she connects with are Lily, who lives aboard a starship, an angelic being who operates on a ninth-dimensional frequency, and a lion-like being from the seventh dimension.

By tapping into the other dimensions and parallel selves, people can gain wisdom and expand their energy, she said. For healing, Patel added, you can access a frequency version of yourself that is already completely healed and connected to the divine, and this creates a more blissful and joyful experience. These energies stem from the heart, which you can consider as a "multi-dimensional" portal, Patel noted. She also detailed her communications with other intelligences that she considers to be inter-dimensional rather than extraterrestrial. These beings have visited Earth, and there is finally a solid move toward disclosure, she continued. According to her meditations, during the pandemic, there was a negative shift in the timeline, and "star beings" helped to shift us to a new timeline that includes a stepped-up process of disclosure.


Psychic medium Lisa McGarrity owns the Long Island metaphysical store Envision Crystal. In the latter half, she addressed a variety of topics, including practicing magic & witchcraft, curses, auras, Tarot cards, and spiritual forces. Regarding curses, she thinks it's possible that just in the same way as one person might pray for another and bless them, an individual can also be angry with someone and curse them. Sometimes it's done accidentally, other times purposefully. There can be "long-standing patterns of negative energy that get into people's lives" and get stuck there, she said, adding that "my job when I'm when I'm with someone who's experiencing that is to go right into that energy and remove the stuck part and help them get back into the natural flow of life."

Discussing auras, she noted that most people have a beautiful glow around them, which is their auric field. If someone has a very dark spirit, "if they're motivated by jealousy, envy, and greed, it's not lit up. It's like a little gray outline, very tight, very close to the outline of their physical body" – they are not "plugged into source," she explained. McGarrity mentioned that some of these people may be psychic vampires, and because they don't have that inner connection, "they're looking outside themselves to try to fill up the holes inside." In instances where people experience a sudden trauma that can cause shock, a little bit of their soul may escape for a moment because of the intensity, and "that is the moment where a mischievous or malevolent spirit can step in," she cautioned. McGarrity, who gave readings to callers in the last hour, also shared a case where one of her clients was under psychic attack, and certain revelations came through in their dreams. 

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