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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants (toll-free # 877-686-2373) shared perspectives on what has happened in America and the world stage in 2023 and what we can expect in terms of the numbers for 2024. Earlier, she'd predicted that 2023, a "7" year, was going to be all about the environment and that "Mother Nature was going to show off." We've seen ample evidence of that so far, she said, with an earthquake and hurricane on the same day in Southern California, the unusual Maui fires, and a recent hurricane in Florida. "7" is literally about water, "so I'm never surprised when there's water damage or water trouble in a cycle of '7,'" she remarked. This September, a "9" month, and October, a "1" month, will be more positive or calmer than the last few months, and a chance to reset, she suggested.

Regarding the suspicious death of Russia's Wagner boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, she noted he and Putin had four "challenge" numbers out of six, which indicated they would never get along. Eventually, more evidence will emerge that Putin was behind his death, she added. In terms of politics, she noted that Pres. Biden is in a personal year of "2," a good cycle for getting along with others and receiving support. Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is in a personal year of "1," which helped her shine in the recent debate, Glynis said, adding that 2024 will be a year when politics come to the forefront, both in the US and globally. She also shared a health affirmation that people can use to combat illness: "In this moment, I accept that my body is completely healed, and I live in divine wellness." Repeat this out loud for 15 minutes for maximum effectiveness, she advised. She is offering a discount (promo code: "George") for individual readings and the "Are We Soulmates?" report via her website.


In the latter half, hypnotist, clairvoyant, and remote viewer Michelle Freed talked about techniques and research in hypnosis and remote viewing. Hypnosis is a natural state, using focused attention and suggestions. She works with people with phobias and those seeking to change behaviors by placing them in a deep trance where they can be regressed or revisit a trauma but framed in a new way, Freed explained. Curiously, during one calendar year, she had three unrelated clients who experienced an alien abduction, and they all described being taken to a water planet where they were able to breathe underwater and saw creatures they'd never seen before.

Regarding remote viewing, she appreciates that it's based on science and that viewers are completely blind to the target, which is just represented by a random number. This tends to yield information without biases, she said, and can be a helpful technique to practice for personal growth as well. Remote viewing is more accurate when the viewer is not looking for specific patterns or expectations and describes just what they see rather than naming it, she specified. She detailed her team's remote viewing of the "Skinny Bob" 2011 alien footage (related video) and concluded "Bob" was possibly an alien abandoned on Earth. To learn more, check out Freed's remote viewing classes starting on September 9th.

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