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Laugh-In / Al-Fayed's Death & Aliens / Open Lines

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Throughout his long and successful career as a producer, director and writer, George Schlatter has been responsible for hundreds of hours of television series and specials. During the first hour, he talked about his iconic sketch comedy show Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In. NBC did not get the concept and kept the show on air by mistake, Schlatter revealed. "NBC didn't want to air it... by the third or fourth show it was starting to get a huge rating," he explained, adding the show had a 50 share of audience viewing it each week. According to Schlatter, Laugh-In was never as indecent as some censors claimed, but it did have the feeling of being bawdy. He also spoke about his friendship with Frank Sinatra and being asked to deliver a eulogy at his funeral. "He loved to laugh," Schlatter recalled.

In the second hour, paranormalist Uri Geller discussed the death of Mohamed Al-Fayed as well as the question of aliens among us. Al-Fayed died on August, 30, 2023, nearly 26 years to the day since his son Dodi was killed in a car crash with Princess Diana (August 31, 1997). Geller suggested we don't know the exact day Al-Fayed died. "I'm beginning to believe he died on the they died 26 years ago," he said, noting it could be a sign from above. He reported on a photo given to him by author Whitley Strieber that purportedly shows a nude female alien. "She wears nothing and Whitley believes that she might also be pregnant," he said. Geller posted the photo on his social channel on X, formerly known as Twitter. "It's definitely a real alien and there's no doubt they're among us," he disclosed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Bill in Los Angeles phoned in to ask George questions about the television series Laugh-In. "I don't use computers, so I try to do everything I can by memory," he said. The first query was about who hosted 'The Fickle Finger of Fate' skit, which after a pause he noted was Dick Martin. Bill also asked George which cast member said "Very Interesting" (Arte Johnson) as well as gave his impression of former president Nixon awkwardly saying the line "Sock It To Me."

Linda in California said she believed a theory by frequent caller Cornelius who has suggested UFOs are fallen angels or demons. "I believe the majority of what we're seeing are fallen angels," Linda said, adding it is a sign of the End Times. She shared her belief we are the generation Jesus spoke about when he said, "This generation will not pass." She also recounted details of her UFO encounter. It was Christmastime in the late 1970s when a friend beckoned her to come outside to see a bright light over the house. "This thing shot straight up and went off real fast," she reported. The next night Linda saw three strange "sensor lights" in her baby's room which she described as discs weaving around the Venetian blinds.

The final half hour featured a replay of the late ufologist Stanton Friedman discussing UFOs.

News segment guests: Heidi Hollis / Kevin Randle

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