Crop Circle Mysteries / Near-Death & the Afterlife

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Crop Circle Mysteries / Near-Death & the Afterlife

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Patty Greer and Penny Kelly have researched crop circles for over a decade. They joined host Richard Syrett (Twitter) for an update on these mysterious patterns and evidence that they are created by plasma vortices, which are layered with specific frequencies including earth and water frequencies, and sometimes human consciousness or ET frequencies. "Once you enter your first crop circle you'll be hooked," Greer said, noting "it is so physically tactile that you can't pretend you don't feel it unless you don't feel anything." She has visited more than 100 formations in the UK and believes almost all of them were not created by humans. According to Greer, human-made crop circles are less meticulous and lack the intense electromagnetic frequencies one can feel in an authentic formation.

Kelly confirmed the hair-raising experience and goosebumps associated with visiting real crop circles as well as the material from them. "The crop circle materials have their own energy," she revealed, adding it is similar to the energetic materials found at ET landing sites and animal mutilations. These materials impart their own kind of consciousness and intuition, she continued. Kelly spoke about studying under biophysicist W.C. Levengood who believed plasma systems contributed to the formation of crop circles and affected the seeds from within a formation. "This is an incredible earth phenomenon," Greer pointed out, declaring "it's not a UFO."


Followed by Peter Panagore, who climbed the Lower Weeping Wall in Alberta, Canada, was overcome by exhaustion and hypothermia, and had a near-death experience. He discussed those minutes on the Other Side, where he experienced hell, forgiveness and unconditional love. Panagore admitted he made a fatal mistake the day of the climb by taking a hammer which considerably slowed the ascent. "By the time we reached the top... the sun had set, the temperature dropped and we knew we were going to die," he said. Panagore recalled the process of hypothermia beginning almost immediately and how he and his climbing partner thought they could fight their way through it.

As the reality of their situation sank in, Panagore remembered surrendering to his fate and feeling a sense of peace about it. He described seeing a large black circle form around him. "As it closed I didn't fall asleep I became awake and my pain was gone, and I thought where did the mountain go, why don't my feet hurt," he explained. Panagore found himself in a darkness that expanded to the size of the universe before seeing a pinprick of light like a star appear. The light came toward him and communicated with him that it was taking him. "It reached inside me and took me... I had no control," he disclosed, adding it was pouring compassion inside of him. Panagore reported feeling more love than he had ever experienced before. He was no longer human, but an orb of light that was part of the divine in Heaven. "As soon as I landed in the place I knew myself," he revealed.

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