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Views of the After Life / Spirit Healing

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In the first half, podcaster and afterlife expert Sandra Champlain discussed evidence for the hereafter and the spirit world, including mediumship, reincarnation, OBEs, and near-death experiences. There is an invisible world that we can't see, which includes things like radio waves and different forms of energy. "Yet as human beings, it's hard to grasp that there are real things that we cannot see," she commented, and the spirits of the departed are part of that. "I know our energy cannot be destroyed and that we do survive death," she continued. One concept behind reincarnation, rather than past lives, may be that humans are highly mediumistic and could be picking up on details from the deceased, she mused.

Champlain, who has hosted 150 episodes of Shades of the Afterlife on C2C's Paranormal Podcast Network, mentioned seven forms of evidence for the afterlife as outlined by Dr. Raymond Moody and Paul Perry. In out-of-body experiences, which are similar to NDEs, people have described floating above their body, accurately knowing things they couldn't have otherwise known, and blind people have reported being able to see during these episodes, she cited. Champlain also detailed cases of "terminal lucidity" in which someone who has diminished capacity or is in a coma, suddenly regains mental clarity just before their death and may reveal heavenly experiences or contact with those who have already passed on.


Katie Beecher, MS, is a licensed professional counselor and medical and emotional intuitive with over 30 years of experience. In the latter half, she shared how to connect with intuition to discover which areas of the body and spirit need healing, as well as how to have a spiritual awakening and identify and conquer malevolent spirits and entities. In working with her clients, she is assisted by spirit guides who sometimes reveal unexpected information. For instance, a client may be coming to her for help with stomach issues, but the guides uncover that that person is in an abusive relationship. Beecher also does readings for pets and is able to see what is going on in their bodies. Sometimes, the animals take on symptoms related to their owners, she noted.

In describing her intuition process, Beecher said information comes to her through a kind of "universal energy force connected with love and God." She often sees scenes or pictures, hears voices, and feels things in her body, and has identified some of her guides as departed loved ones. As an 18-year-old, she had an unwanted out-of-body experience and found herself in her boyfriend's room in a different city. She felt she was attached to a metallic cord, and as she came back to her body, she encountered an animalistic astral being that latched itself onto her. By repeating the Lord's Prayer, the creature finally exited, and she later worked with a Jungian counselor to understand the experience. She learned that the more you focus on negativity, the more you open yourself up to such entities. During the last hour, she offered medical readings for callers.

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