Heart Disease & Heavy Metals / Negativity & Demonic Forces

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Heart Disease & Heavy Metals / Negativity & Demonic Forces

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Douglas Mulhall is a biotech company co-founder, science author, and journalist. In the first half, he discussed how the American Heart Association has announced a major new health risk – low levels of toxic metals that can lead to heart disease. Such metals are found in such things as drinking water, soil, consumer products, car tires, and smoke, but only a few people are tested or treated for exposure, he said. These toxins are classified as heavy metals and include a range of substances like lead, cadmium, arsenic, chromium, tin, gadolinium, and others used in consumer electronics. We can be exposed to them through air pollution and small particulates that are able to enter the lungs. This leads to the immune response of inflammation, and possible hardening of the arteries, he reported.

One step people can take to combat exposure is to upgrade the filters in their home and office HVAC systems-- HEPA filters, for instance, remove fine particles. "I say this, especially for people who have been exposed to wildfire smoke...because these wildfires emit very high levels of toxic metals, and they get into your existing filters," he noted. Buying organic food is another step, he continued, as produce treated with pesticides tends to have more heavy metals, which come up from the soil. Meat can be another source of contaminants, he added. Mulhall recommended certain foods that help remove metals in the body, like broccoli sprouts, cilantro, garlic, turmeric, and bok choy. He also talked about chelation therapy, and the chelation supplement EDTA, which can be beneficial in removing toxins, as well as the formula called NanobacTX.


In the latter half, emotional clearing expert, exorcist, and psychic Jeffrey Seelman addressed his work on the power of negative energy on a global level. He believes negative and demonic spirits are increasing, but there are various ways to clear them out and protect ourselves. Seelman discussed his new essay "Bad Spirits on the Internet" (available for free by email request). His essay explores how negative emotional energies affect us when we're on the internet, and how these emotions can be amplified by other living people, as well as negative spirits and demonic spirits. The result of this is that we get angrier and angrier at our fellow human beings, he said.

Demonic spirits could be thought as the "counterpart of angels, and they can put huge amounts of emotional energy" into our body's fields by throwing their rage and anger at us... and making a little thing out to be a big thing," he detailed. People have become overloaded with an accumulation of emotional energy from hostile sources, and many no longer treat each other with basic civility, he pointed out. One way we can protect ourselves from this barrage of negativity is to learn how to create a stronger energy field, he suggested. This kind of technique doesn't block out understanding of incoming information but allows people to respond in a more balanced manner, he added.

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