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Parables & Prophecy / UFOs Throughout History

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Historian Jonathan Cahn is known for opening the mysteries of scripture and bringing forth messages of prophetic import. In the first half, he outlined how ancient kings, parables, and inscriptions became the puzzle pieces behind what is taking place in our world today. Explaining the "mystery of the gate," he said it's how judgment or calamity comes to a nation through the gate or ancient walls back in the biblical days. He considers the gate of America to be New York City and noted that this is where the 9-11 attack was centered, as well as where the pandemic first took hold in the country and at one time was the epicenter of the disease. The date of when COVID would enter the US, along with the number of fatalities, was actually foretold in ancient scripture, he asserted.

According to Cahn's interpretation of end times prophecy, America will not retain its place as the head of nations because of decline or fall. He related the life of Josiah, a Hebrew king, who instituted religious reforms (such as removing the worship of multiple gods) to current times, where he feels that the populace is turning away from God and is headed for judgment. He also recounted how he visited Cuba and gave a prophetic message, a Bible, and a shofar (ancient musical horn that proclaims freedom) to Fidel Castro, which he related to the "Jubilean Mysteries," a cycle that signals the return of what was lost.


Podcast host, author, artist, and documentarian Barbara DeLong has been a seeker of spiritual mysteries. In the latter half, she discussed fascinating UFO cases dating back to antiquity, which demonstrate that anomalous sightings are not a modern phenomenon. She and her co-author, Ken Goudsward, identified more than 300 instances that were documented before Roswell. DeLong commented that in the modern era, sinister motivations and government secrecy have been associated with UFOs, but that wasn't necessarily the case in the past. The WWI German pilot known as the Red Baron was said to be the first human in history to shoot down an alien spaceship, she reported. The craft crashed in the woods, and two pilots who went after it were never seen again, she added.

DeLong also detailed a 1915 case in Turkey, where a regiment of some 800 British soldiers reportedly disappeared into a strange fog near Gallipoli. She suspects they may have marched into a portal to a different dimension. She described an incident from 10,000 BCE in China, when the Dropa (the name given to visitors from Sirius) "came down from the clouds with their air gliders," and how evidence for this comes from the Dropa stones, ancient artifacts with inscribed markings. Another intriguing incident allegedly occurred in 840 AD when a bishop in Lyon, France, was said to save the lives of four people who descended from an airship. At the time, there was reportedly a law against creatures that travel in airships, and they could have been stoned to death, she noted.

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