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Exorcisms & Demons / Open Lines

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Archbishop Ron Feyl-Enright is a Chief Exorcist with extensive experience spanning 46 years. Throughout his ministry he has conducted thousands of exorcism rituals, including case assessments for demonic infestation and possession. During the first half of the show, he discussed demonic activity, his work as an exorcist and the process of exorcism. Archbishop Feyl-Enright recalled a life-changing event when he was 11 years old and a blinding bright light filled the bathroom. He shut his eyes and saw a vision of his future serving the church. "Ever since then I've been very much aware of the supernatural," he said.

Archbishop Feyl-Enright admitted he can physically see demons. "What I see is a gray long face and they're always wearing what appears to be a cloak," he revealed. He spent much of his ministry working skid row in Los Angeles and reported on demonic infestations and spiritual residuals in hotels located in those areas. People staying in those hotels are easy prey for demons, Archbishop Feyl-Enright explained, noting one 14-story hotel had demonic disturbances only on the top floor. He also disclosed how during a real possession and exorcism the inflicted can levitate and move objects around the room. "They could have a psychosis and still be possessed by demonic entity," he added, pointing out there is a checklist to determine if someone is truly possessed.


Open Lines followed in the latter half of the program. Steve in Philadelphia phoned in to report on "a series of very strange looking lights in the northwest sky up quite high" he witnessed at 10:30pm ET on September 29. Steve revealed he is an airline pilot, the lights were at 34,000 feet altitude, and he has never seen anything like them. He asked other pilots who may have seen these lights to call into the show with their reports.

Joe from New Hampshire referenced an RFK assassination video he watched on YouTube. "You get the strong impression that there was another shooter there," he said, noting the investigation was botched when it arrived at the conclusion there was only one shooter involved. Even Walter Cronkite thought in the coming days another shooter would be revealed, Joe noted. George agreed there was likely more than one shooter in the building that day. Joe suggested Sirhan Sirhan, who was convicted of killing RFK, was there to be a distraction while the kill shot was taken by another.

Mark in Las Vegas recalled working in Atlantic City as a security guard in the summer of 1990. He would go check on another guard who worked in the old Jefferson Hotel which at the time was undergoing renovations and had no power. "The place was very haunted and very creepy... we experienced a lot of things there," Mark said. He recalled one night they were walking the halls and chatting about exorcisms when they heard a loud crashing sound. They discovered a heavy piece of conduit hanging from the ceiling "angrily and violently just swinging back in forth." Mark believes their conversation, which mentioned the name Jesus, may have disturbed some entity in the building.

The final half hour featured a replay from 6/28/2021 of hypnotherapist Barbara Lamb reporting on extraterrestrial encounters and visitations.

News segment guests: Kevin Randle / Heidi Hollis

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